Budapest Sunset In October
Sunset times in October in Budapest, be prepared for your holiday! We usually consider spring the most colorful time of the year because of blooming. However, autumn also can offer several colors. Think about the thousand shades of red, yellow and brown of the leaves! If you would like to enjoy nature but do not
Szabadság Freedom Liberty Bridge

Budapest Bridges

Bridges of Budapest, that connect Buda and Pest Budapest, the Hungarian capital city was born in 1873 after the union of Óbuda (Old-Buda), Buda and Pest. There are 14 bridges Budapest which connects Buda and Pest; two of them are used by the railway. The oldest permanent bridge is called Széchenyi Chain Bridge which was
Rudas Bath Budapest

Rudas Bath in the City of Baths

Rudas Thermal Baths in Budapest, try the hottest pool in town If you like spending your time in baths, the Hungarian capital city is a Paradise for you, since it is called the “City of baths”! Here you can find 11 baths and 6 of them are thermal baths. Gellért, Széchenyi, Lukács, Rudas, Király, and
Gellért Thermal Bath
Gellért Thermal Bath, an exclusive must-to-do program in Budapest The Hungarian capital city is quite rich in baths. There are 11 of them in Budapest and you can find both strand and thermal baths among them. Gellért Bath is one of the most famous thermal baths in Budapest. It is not only a bath but
St Matthias Church

St Matthias Church

A historical building along the Danube River This representative Roman Catholic church is located on the Holy Trinity Square which is in the 1. district. This region of the Hungarian capital city is also known as Buda Castle District where several historical buildings can be found. For example, the Fisherman’s Bastion which is very near
Hungarian Easter

Easter in Budapest

Easter, a national holiday seasoned with Hungarian folklore What do they celebrate on Easter? Easter in Budapest is the greatest celebration of the Christian world in memory of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Jesus. Since this date varies from year to year, Easter is called the moving holiday: 40 days before the feast, in
Hungarian Langos Budapest
The never boring, traditional Hungarian streetfood – LÁNGOS Hungarian Lángos? Street food? It’s a misbelief that street food does not exist in Hungary. There is even a wide variety of old traditional and well-known international food, especially in Budapest as a melting pot of European nationalities. About its history The name “lángos” comes from the Hungarian
Budapest Margaret Island

Margaret Island Budapest

Margaret Island, one of the best attractions of Budapest Margaret Island is located in the heart of Budapest, surrounded by the Danube. The popular tourist destination is a piece of green area in the Hungarian capital. If you are visiting Budapest as a tourist, you should definitely visit the island. Margaret Island is a place
River Cruise sightseeing
The Hungarian Parliament, as the most famous historical building in Budapest   The building of a country’s law-making body is always a great symbol and pride of a nation. These buildings were built unique, magnificent and in a special style. Therefore, Budapest Parliament is rightly considered to be among the most wonderful parliament buildings in
Budapest Citi of Baths

Budapest, City of baths

Budapest is worthily the capital of thermal baths There are only a few capital cities in the world which have thermal springs, and the Hungarian capital city is among them. There are 11 baths in Budapest, including both strand and thermal baths. Strand baths are: Csillaghegyi Palatinus Paskál Pünkösdfürdői Római Baths While thermal ones are: