70 minutes Night Sightseeing Cruise in Budapest

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Wonderful tour in Budapest. Take an adventure on the Danube and see the most popular parts of the city at NIGHT! Boarding from the central of the city. Dock 11

Languages available: Chinese, Italian, Polish, German, Turkish, Hebrew, French, Spanish

Live through a sightseeing cruise by day or night in the heart of Budapest!

Is this your first visit in Budapest? Would you like to see the whole city, but you don't know really where to start your tour? We think most of the tourists are a little bit lost in the bigger cities they discover. We know this feeling very well, this is why we offer you our sightseeing cruise on the wonderful River Danube, which takes 70-minutes and is leaving nearly hourly from Elizabeth bridge, Dock 11 – the boarding and arriving is at the same place.

Enjoy a Budapest River Cruise on board, reachable on each day of the year, at the weekends as well, from the early morning till the late evening.


  • 70 Minutes budapest cruise
  • Welcome Drink
  • Open deck
  • Free wifi
  • Buffet (optional)
  • Hop on hop off ticket ( optional )
  • English Audio Guide ( optional other languages)
Dock 11. Margaret island Batthyányi square Dock 11. -
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*Available between: July, August & September*

We are pretty sure your first goal, while discovering the capital city of Hungary, is to see all well-known buildings and places of interests. Nothing could be more romantic and amazing than having a sightseeing cruise, whether on a warm and sunny day or a cold one in winter.

All our boats are prepared for every kind of weather circumstance, in winter the heating makes a warm atmosphere, in the summer air-conditioning is offered to cool the minds. Meet your friends on the water and make the day really special with them. While having a pleasant chat with them, you enjoy the wonderful environment, floating on the river.

If you prefer to have free drinks and some snacks during the sightseeing cruise, you can choose our booze cruise, which is available on most of our 70-minute sightseeing ships. The booze cruise allows you unlimited beer consumption or non alcoholic soft drinks, as well as a pizza of choice (Ham & Corn pizza, Hawaii,Hungarian pizza, Margarita or Salami pizza).

If you prefer, you can choose from our street food offers, like Pannini or Piadina (ham-cheese, chicken chorizo, chicken with blue cheese, beef with cheddar or mozarella-tomato). If you'd prefer something to sweeten your day, try our tasty chocolate brownie, apple pie or chocolate fondant.

Sightseeing Cruise in the most beautiful part of Budapest

The route of the Booze-Cruise

Our sightseeing tour on the Danube starts in the center of the inner city, at dock 11, which can be found at the Elisabeth Bridge in Pest. Below you will find a list with the detailed departure times. After the departure for the tour, which lasts 70 minutes, the ship turns north towards the stream until it reaches the Margaret Bridge. Our first stop will be at the Margaret Island, where you can leave the ship to have a walk on the beautiful island or the bridge.

Our sightseeing tour gives you the opportunity to hop-on hop off, so if you prefer to make a stop, you can easily get on our next arriving ship (the last hop-on hop off opportunity is the ship, which departures at 6:30 p.m. at dock 11). Please find the exact information about the departure times listed below.

After the ship turns in a southward direction and makes another stop at the Batthyányi Square, it continues then his route until the Rákoczi Bridge, where the boat start back. During the cruise you will pass a plenty of beautiful historical sights along the river banks on both sides of the Danube, like the unique, neo-gothic parliament, the castle district on the hills of Buda or the Gellért hill with the liberty statue, just to mention a few.

Another local peculiarities are the 4 gorgeous bridges you will cross during the 70-minute sightseeing cruise. Each one is build in another style from another era, floating under the bridges gives your trip a remarkable flair.

You find a fully equipped buffet, where you can allay your thirst with a cold drink on summer days or a hot cup of tea on cold days.


The different faces of Budapest

You can make a sightseeing cruise in the early morning ours or in the late evening. Each time of the day has its on flair. The morning hours, especially at the weekend, are restful and still, the city is sleepy.

The evening cruise offers you the opportunity to watch the amazing Budapest sunset at the hills of Buda. The whole city is gets a golden-red shine for this few minutes, as the sun will be reflected at the buildings and the Danube, this features a really romantic atmosphere to the surroundings.

You can also choose a sightseeing tour after the nightfall. Budapest at night presents itself in a floodlighted coat along the river banks of the whole inner city. The bridges are amazingly highlighted as well, there is almost no traffic on the streets and with a little luck you can see the stars shining in the sky.

Silverline Cruises Budapest

Your best way to gaze at each single beautiful historical construction and building is choosing a sightseeing cruise on the River Danube. You can get your ticket for the sightseeing tour online or at the boarding as well.

Besides the sightseeing cruise, you can make use of other Budapest river cruise programs, which are reachable by our company. As a suggestion I would mention our dinner cruise with live piano battle show or alternatively the operetta and folklore show.

Choose on of our premium services, including candle light and fine dining on board of our unique catamaran, meanwhile exploring our wonderful historical town, admiring architectural buildings along the river Danube, being provided by a gorgeous panoramic view. We help you realize, whatever you are dreaming of.

Our ships are available for private renting as well. Any kind of event may be realized, nearly everything can be organized on our luxurious catamarans and sightseeing boats. Organize your wedding ceremony in the nature or make your birthday party a really special event.

We have special events like Christmas dinner cruise or Valentine’s day, spend these special days with your beloved ones in the course of our exclusive evening program. Share this special atmosphere and feeling with your friends, family or even your colleagues and join us for an unforgettable adventure by night.