Budapest Firework Cruise with Folklore – 27TH OF AUGUST


20th of August is a fantastic day to celebrate State Foundation Day in a luxurious area on Dinner Cruise. Watch the Firework and enjoy a memorable programme during your Budapest Cruise.

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Start: 2022-08-27
From: 18:30 to 22:30

Budapest Firework Cruise with Folklore - 27TH OF AUGUST #1

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Due to the weather, the fireworks on August 20th were canceled and therefore the program will be on August 27th together with the fireworks.

River Cruise - Fireworks - Budapest's Amazing Lights

Danube Dinner on August 20th - Piano Battle Show

If you wish a really special evening and you are planning it at Budapest, here is the best time for you. August 20th is the day when all of Hungary is celebrating together and commemorating for a foundation of the country with Firework Show on the sky.

Every year, the fireworks show impresses with both new and new sensational visuals for both domestic and foreign visitors.

What does 20th of August mean for Hungarians? What is this holiday about?

On August 20th, we celebrate the Hungarian state foundation, which can be seen for about 1000 years. The founding of the state is linked to the name of King Stephen King who, after centuries of paganism, transformed Hungary into a Christian state. On this basis, on August 20, we celebrate the founding of the state and honor the memory of King Stephen. (This day is one of the highlighted festivals for the Hungarian Catholic Church as István is also our first Hungarian patron saint.)

Those who arrive from Hungary on August 20 will be able to see the capital in a festive glory and receive a slice of Hungarian culture. On this day, many festivals await celebrities at various points of the city. Variety and exciting cultural programs, specialty festivals, concerts, shows and concerts can be chosen by a visitor to culture or entertainment.

The evening is closed by a magnificent fireworks displaying people from different parts of the country.

Boarding Time

18.00 pm

Departure time

18.30 pm

The tour end

22.30 pm

How can this day really be memorable for you? Celebrate on Danube Dinner Cruise!

On August 20, our dinner cruise can be an excellent venue for a romantic evening program in Budapest. Our program is a perfect opportunity for everyone who wants to admire the fireworks of August 20 in Budapest from the front row.

While our guests are looking at the fireworks in Budapest, our service team will provide the comfort for those who celebrate here. 4-course dinner menus are the ideal choice for our visitors who cannot decide what they would like to eat before they arrive at the spot.




Pastry cups filled with traditional spreads, served with rocket salad


Hungarian goulash soup

Seasonal cream soup

Main Course

Baked cod fillet with sautéed vegetables & chive-mayonnaise sauce

Marinated chicken breast slices served on a creamy risotto bed and truffle oil

Duck leg confit with steamed red cabbage and cheesy potato casserole with onion

Beef stew with homemade egg barely and pickles

Grilled cheese, fresh garden salad and balsamic vinegar


Breezy tapioca pudding made with coconut milk and served with honey and forest fruit


Chocolate brownie with salted caramel sauce


In Hungary, and even in cross-border Hungarian communities, for example in Transylvania, the blessing or slicing of bread is part of the celebration, so this day is also called the Day of New Bread. During the history, this holiday has been changed several times, some rulers have been celebrated on holidays, while others have abolished it. After the end of communism, its current "form" has remained, since then the official ceremony starts with the lifting of the Hungarian flag on Kossuth Square, next to Parliament, followed by craft exhibitions and parades. On this day, more prizes will be awarded, just like St. Stephen's Prize, which can be received by people who have done a prominent activity for the Hungarians. At the end of the ceremony, the Hungarian State celebrated the fireworks in Budapest and in many parts of the country. Fireworks can be admired from most parts of Budapest, but the most beautiful view of the Danube and its hiding places.