What is the best way to fully experience Budapest during the evening time?

Of course, by having a Budapest river cruise! You will have an absolutely unique and unforgettable experience. Normally you need to spend at least a couple of days to reach all the sights, but this way you have the chance to see the city from the most amazing perspective.

Your only task is to select a Budapest sightseeing cruise and enjoy a river cruise trip with a delicious dinner including amazing shows and programs. We would like to mention the most popular Budapest river cruise, the folklore and operetta show.

Book now, and create special memories on the river Danube!

During the 2,5-hour Budapest river cruise, guests have the ability to discover all the impressive sights of Budapest we have mentioned before even served a selected welcome drink, champagne or soft drinks as non-alcoholic decision, a tasty 4/7-course menu, including appetisers in pastry basket, vegetarian traditional Hungarian goulash soup – one you must taste it if you are visiting our friendly country – or potato cream soup with carrot curl topping – surely, you will be able to choose one kind of soup from the two options.

The next dishes from you need to decide are roasted trout almond coating on steamed green bean bed with mashed potato and dill sauce or duck leg confit with buttery mashed potato served with steamed red cabbage, or veal stew with Hungarian noodle dumplings. Finally, the fourth one is the dessert everyone is waiting for at the end of the trip called Flan cake forest fruit ragout.

Furthermore, we are thinking of vegetarian people as well, so as the main dish you also could have other options like grilled Halloumi cheese or tofu with a fresh side salad. If someone is not the fan of sweets, seasonal fruit salad is also available instead of the Flan cake forest fruit ragout. Last but not least we have an option for unlimited drink package to reserve with many varieties of unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during the 2,5-hour memorable cruising on the Danube.

Please get in touch if you have any dietary requirements.

Budapest river cruise

But allow me to introduce our famous folk dancers and singers offering the unique and so well-known Hungarian folk music with dance. I absolutely make you sure of having a pleasant event, new experience for you, the whole family or friends with whom you wish to spend a specific night by Budapest river cruise.

Explore Budapest while having a Danube dinner cruise!

Secondly, the other eligible program, also a shipping at a luxurious catamaran to take part in, is the Piano Battle Show with dinner. The duration of the trip is 2,5-hour, too available each day so you will fully discover how amazing the lights and spectacles in Budapest are at night. During the shipping, live music with singers and world-known musicians especially pianists make you enjoy life and relax. Guests are served with the same 4/7-course menu – even drink package and vegetarian dishes you can optionally choose – I mentioned above.

This special program of the piano battle show with Budapest dinner cruise is the most popular one since, besides the tasty food, professional pianists are having musical battle to gain the beautiful lady’s heart. The performance is full of melodies, humour and romantic scenes, listening to wide range of famous songs.

Cruise with dinner budapest

Budapest Folklore Cruise & Dinner

River cruise budapest

Budapest Piano Cruise & Dinner


While staying in Hungary, exploring the capital city of it, called the wonderful Budapest, please do not forget some traditional and special, common visited sights, architectural places of the Hungarian capital such as the fascinating Parliament that every visitor travelling to Budapest is always proposing to watch at first immediately since it has been built as the third largest Parliament in the world. Moreover, you should not miss out others like the gorgeous Chain Bridge, Matthias Church, Margaret Bridge, Fisherman’s Bastion and Gellért Hill.

The Hungarian Parliament Building, being located on the bank of the Danube, is one of the most beautiful government houses in the world, having not only Gothic but also featuring with Renaissance and Baroque features, fully completed in 1902.

The most commonly known construction, spanning the river Danube between Pest and Buda is Széchenyi Chain Bridge built as the first bridge in the Hungarian capital, in 1849. For what it is worth to visit is walking, strolling along and wondering the amazing architecture, its characteristic history and panoramic view. An excellent river cruise at night gives you the feeling of travelling around a monumental city, being all lit up like New York or Paris.

Margaret Bridge is the second famous architecture beloved by the people, constructed twenty years after the significant Chain Bridge, also spanning the sides of Buda and Pest. By a sightseeing tour, you have the chance to visit the Margaret Island, having the experience to discover local places of interests, pleasant forest, taking a walk or jogging totally reached on foot.

Matthias Church on the Castle Hill is one of the greatest Gothic ones in the whole of Europe, offering historical beauty, including Fisherman’s Bastion with a night 3-hour tour on board.
Gellért Hill and Statue of Liberty provide the most wonderful panoramic view of Budapest. Do not miss the great chance to enjoy a river cruise on the Danube, having a look out to the famous Statue of Liberty, admiring the World Heritage sights.

But by all means, do not fail to gaze at the delightful Budapest at night. Additionally, look at the so much impressive buildings, notable places of interests of Budapest are showcased along the river, for example St. Stephen’s Basilica, Buda Castle, Citadel and Castle Garden Bazaar.

So book a 3-hour cruising along the river Danube, watching the famous Hungarian landmarks, experiencing the beautiful sights of the capital city, tasting Hungarian traditional dinner, enjoying house wines on board. Admire the UNESCO World Heritage panoramic views, enjoy live music, entertained by folk dancers and pianists. Be provided by all sights, Hungarian history and culture!

A pleasant new experience is waiting for you, celebrating the second longest river in Europe on a luxurious newly built catamaran.

budapest night cruise

Finally, I know each of you wishes to know the whole price of a Budapest dinner cruise. Some packages are offered, the 4/7 - course menu with cruise and piano show, our Folklore Dinner Cruise also has 4/7 - course menu with same conditions and menu.

 In addition, all tables might be reserved are exactly next to windows - of course, the price includes - to be as close to the Danube as you can. So to sum up, in case you are wondering which Budapest river cruise – especially Danube dinner cruise - programs you wish to attend personally I provide the Piano battle show for a romantic night perhaps celebrating a wedding anniversary, engagement, or the first date.

As a Budapest sightseeing cruise, enjoying an entertaining night with your family or friends Folklore and operetta show is suggested. In addition, we also offer you more programs during the whole year as special events like celebrating the New Years’ Eve as an unforgettable evening of the past year on the 31st of December in each year.

Even let’s celebrate Christmas night on the 24th and 25th of December on our luxury boat with Budapest river cruise. Surprise your beloved one on the international Valentine’s Day or have the biggest attraction of every year on the 20th of August, celebrating St. Stephen’s Day with firework dinner cruise with the piano battle show. Could you mention another way how you can reach all of them I am talking about?

Try our most popular trip – Pizza cruise Budapest!

Get together with friends or family to have some fun on the 80-minutes booze cruise Budapest. What does it mean actually? And what if you are hungry, too? No worries! While you are gazing at lots of famous places of interests on board, you will be served by unlimited beer and soft drinks even one pizza – Hungarian, Hawaii, Ham & Corn, Salami or 4 Cheese - or different types of meals can be chosen.

Drink as much beer as you can during the 80-minute tour. Each day many departure times are available, the ticket price includes the wanted pizzas and unlimited beer, soft drinks, shots, mineral water.

Well, do not waste your free time anymore and try Budapest sightseeing cruise with pizza and beer as our well-known booze cruise Budapest! Enjoy a relaxing boat ride in the city after a tiring busy day in the evening, relax with your friends, drinking cold drinks and unlimited beer as much as you can during the 80-minute cruising in the heart of Budapest.



Book a table for two with the best dishes served for the anniversary. Or reserve a bigger one for a huge family to get together one sunny day. Gather your friends together!


You can also impress your boss by choosing the best place for corporate party with your co-workers. Reserve a spacious cruise, set the menu, choose the drinks and invite guests.


120 seats for 120 guests are all at your disposal. Organize a party for a huge company and have fun on the board. Show your friends the real world of European cuisine and especially Hungarian vibes.