Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. What makes this place so beautiful? There are many historical sites that take you back to the days of the Middle Ages. There are plenty of unique architectural styles and buildings to discover on the streets. It has many
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How Long Is The Danube River? The River Danube is the second longest river in Europe. (The longest one is the Volga). Its length is approximately 2850 km. The river drains into the Black Sea, and the type of its drainage is a delta. Deltas usually consist of branches. In the ancient times, The Danube River
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Which River Separates Buda From Pest In Budapest Let’s see a little geography The River Danube, the river of the Hungarian capital city, is Europe’s second longest river with its 2850 km length. It is originated from a German wood called the Black Forest, and it ends in the Black Sea with delta-type drainage. It
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From Vienna to Budapest by boat The Danube is the pearl of European river shipping. The ships are usually departing from Passau (Germany), traveling to Budapest (Hungary) or to the Danube Delta (Black Sea) in Romania. There are many variations with different ports and durations of 4-16 days. But if you don’t have time for
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Budapest buildings along the Danube As the capital city of Hungary, Budapest lying at the heart of Europe has a population of about 2 million people. It boasts of its former Roman name, Aquincum, which means ‘the city of waters’. The city was officially created in 1873 by the merging of the other neighboring cities
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For trying to find those hiding exotic in the ally, walking around Budapest city were pleased. What am I really looking for? It’s not surprising if I say I want to have a ride with Budapest dinner cruises on the Danube river, to find the little mermaid to sing for me. What could happen? Everything
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To connect the areas of Ujbuda and Csepel in the south of the city, the government of Budapest makes some competition to build another new bridge. Assume this going to be another landmark in Budapest, the Dutch studio UNStudio stand out from all of the design won this competition.   There were 17 teams also
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Top 5+1 fun facts about the Danube River The second-longest river in Europe: Danube. Danube river located around middle Europe. As a second longest river, it’s around 2857 Km long. Start from Germany at the black forest, go through lot different countries then end up into Black sea. Passing around 10 countries in Europe, and