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Budapest Castle
Budapest Capital of Hungary provides many cultural and entertainment programs for visitors. But what are the experiences that you should not miss here? The following paragraphs answer this question. If you visit here, the Várkert Bazár, which is located in District I is definitely a special attraction. This is not only a fairy tale historical
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Hungary has long been a popular destination for foreign productions. Budapest has hosted a great number of international film productions, and scenes from several films have been shot here. Costs are relatively low in Hungary; wages are much lower than in any Western European country. On the other hand, Budapest is a beautiful city and
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Budapest Citadella
Budapest Citadel is the part of the World Heritage – An outstanding szmbol of Budapest The word citadel is actually originated from an Italian word that is immediately recognized as the Statue of Liberty by many in the local population, which interestingly was added to the castle almost 100 years after its final construction. Originally, in
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Top 10 buildings in Budapest
Top 10 buildings in Budapest, you must visit if you are interested in architecture or history ) House of the Hungarian Parliament Probably this is the best-known one among Budapest buildings and also the third greatest building of parliament in the world. It’s a real masterpiece of the Hungarian architect in the 19th century! It
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Liberty Statue Budapest
The Hungarian Liberty Statue Budapest, the Hungarian capital has plenty of beautiful attractions. The Danube River winds through the city, which in itself offers a fascinating sight. The city is full of historic monuments and one of its symbols is the Budapest Liberty Statue. The Budapest Liberty Statue was set in 1974, created by Zsigmond
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Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest
Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest, the best spot for music videos or wedding photography If you’re interested in Hungarian history or just love imposing buildings, the district I. is a must-have region. The Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the most common tourist sights in the Hungarian capital city and, from 1987, it’s the part of the World
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Budapest booze cruise
Try our Budapest booze cruise with pizza and unlimited beer consumption Would you like to see the best-known buildings of Budapest but don’t want to walk for hours? Or do you just like alloying pleasures of the holiday? If so, choose our Pizza & Beer Cruise! It is a successful marriage of eating out and
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Great Market Hall Budapest
Eat a traditional Hungarian food in the Great Market Hall in Budapest Budapest as a metropolitan and capital city owns a wide range of stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and, of course, big markets. The Great Market Hall in Budapest is an old, large and expansive place, which is favored by many consumers because it has
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Dohány Street – Great Synagogue This is the greatest synagogue of the Hungarian Jews and also the greatest one in Europe besides the synagogue in Amsterdam. If we inspect the whole world, only the sizes of the Temple Emanu-El exceed it. You can find the Great Synagogue in the Dohány street, in district VII. This
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What to do with 3 days in Budapest
The ideal 3 days in Budapest Budapest is an interesting and busy town which cannot be completely discovered in a few days. However, during 3 days in Budapest it can show its several faces. The ideal three days in Budapest First of all, sightseeing is a must-have program!In the Hungarian, there are several imposing historical