Sunset Cocktail Cruise

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Join us on board for a refreshing experience!

Our Cocktail cruise offers a sightseeing tour and 3 optional cocktails.

The cruise begins at the heart of Budapest, below Erzsébet bridge, on the Pest side.

Boarding is 15 minutes prior to departure.

Our trips are available in the evening hours during weekdays, or from early afternoon on the weekends.


80 minutes



Wheelchair accessible


Please note that nighttime party cruises, which include alcoholic beverages and cocktails, are intended for adults aged 18 and older.

Thank you for your understanding.

MAY 1 - JUN 30.
17:00 €35 17:00 €40
19:00 €40 18:45 €40
21:00 €40 20:30 €42
22:15 €40
The trips last 80 minutes
The evening trips include a surcharge of €5


Dear Passengers! To ensure the safety of our guests, please be aware that in case of hazardous weather circumstances, unforeseen events or technical issues the company reserves the right to cancel cruises. To embark on our cruise, we require a minimum of 10 participants. Thank you for your understanding!

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Cocktail list:

  • Mojito (Havana, sugar syrup, sparkling water, mint, lime)
  • Piña Colada (Havana, pineapple juice, coconut syrup, cream)
  • Dark&Stormy (Captain morgan spiced, brown sugar, artonic ginger beer, lime)
  • Sex on the Beach (Absolut, peach liquor, orange juice, cranberry juice)
  • Fleur of the Valley (Absolut, strawberry purée, lime juice, sugar syrup, sparkling wine)
  • Cosmopolitan (Absolut, Triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice)
  • Beefeater Gin Tonic (Beefeater, artonic indian tonic, lime)
  • Tequila Sunrise (José Cuervo Silver, orange juice, grenadine syrup)
  • Paloma (Olmeca Silver, lime juice, Artisan pink grapefruit tonic)
  • Golden Margarita (Olmeca Gold, Triple sec, lime juice, sugar syrup)
  • Old Fashioned (Ballentine's, Angostura bitter, sugar, orange)
  • Scotch Mule (Ballentine's, Artonic ginger beer, lime, mint)
  • Aperol Spritz (Aperol, sparkling wine, sparkling water, orange)
  • Hugo (Sparkling wine, sparkling water, elderberry syrup, mint, lime)
  • Beefeater Pink Gin Toniuc (Beefeater pink, Artisan pink grapefruite tonic, strawberry)


The cruise takes place during sunset, providing our guests with the most fabulous views of the lit up Budapest. Hungary's capital is truly amazing in the darker hours, so you should prepare your photo devices in advance to catch those incredible moments. 

Whilst enjoying the gorgeous panorama of Budapest, guests can indulge in 3, freshly prepared cocktails on board. 3 cocktails are included in the price. Additional options are available, please ask a member of the staff for more info or contact us via our website.

Spend 80 minutes on board with utter elegance and comfort. Take a seat on our terrace or chill out on the air-conditioned lower deck.  Our cruises are heated, so you can enjoy the trip even in the colder months. In fact check out our Christmas Dinner, New Year's Eve, and Valentine's Day themed cruises.

Our Sunset Cocktail Cruises are ideal for both ending a tiring day of sightseeing or to warm up for a great night out in Budapest. Please ask for recommendations for local nightclubs if you wish to continue the night in style.

Bring your family, your partner or friends and spend a pleasant night on board with us, we can accommodate all ages.



See some of our handmade cocktails, prepared on board by our highly trained bar staff, whilst you enjoy some of Budapest's most famous views on the Danube.