Fireworks Gala Dinner with live piano music


20th of August is a fantastic day to celebrate State Foundation Day on a Dinner Cruise. Watch the Firework and enjoy a memorable programme during your Budapest Cruise.

Prices are per person

Start: 2024-08-20
From: 18:00 to 22:30

Fireworks Gala Dinner with live piano music #1

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River Cruise - Fireworks - Budapest's Amazing Lights

Danube Dinner on August 20th - Piano Battle Show

If you wish a really special evening and you are planning it at Budapest, here is the best time for you. August 20th is the day when all of Hungary is celebrating together and commemorating for a foundation of the country with Firework Show on the sky.

Every year, the fireworks show impresses with both new and new sensational visuals for both domestic and foreign visitors.

During the fireworks, river closure will be in place and as such vessels are to be docked at their designated piers. Thus docking before the fireworks will take place at 20:00. Guests are more than welcome to enjoy the sights from the front and rear of our ship and from our downtown pier. After the fireworks the activity will continue but due to the river closure the ship will not continue its route.

Your ticket includes

  • ~ 4 hour program
  • ~ 2 hours Budapest cruise
  • Candle-lit dinner
  • 4 Course menu
  • Welcome drink
  • Live piano show
  • Private table
  • Window table (optional)

Boarding Time

17.30 pm

Departure time

18.00 pm

The tour end

22.30 pm




Vegan cranberry pecan cheese ball
Pekándiós-vörösáfonyás vegan golyó
Vegane Käseball mit Cranberries und Pekannüssen
Palla di formaggio vegano con mirtilli rossi e noci pecan
Boule de fromage végétalien aux canneberges et aux noix de pécan
Bola de queso vegano con arándanos y nueces pecanas


(Leves, Suppe, Minestra, Soupe, Sopa)

Veal rgout soup with potato dumplings from Nyírség
Nyírségi borjúraguleves burgonyagombóccal
Kalbsragoutsuppe mit Kartoffelknödel aus Nyírség
Zuppa di manzo con gnocchi di patate di Nyírség
Soupe au ragoût de veau avec des quenelles de pomme de terre de Nyirseg
Sopa de ternera con albóndigas de patatas de Nyírség

Seasonal soup
Szezonális leves
Saisonale Suppe
Zuppa di stagione
Soupe de saison
Sopa de temporada


(Főétel, Hauptgericht, Piatto principale, Plat principal, Plato principal)

Black sesame crusted salmon steak with chili-mint pea purée and pea fritter
Fekete szezámmagos lazac steak chili-mentás borsópürével és borsófasírttal
Lachssteak mit schwarzer Sesamkruste, Chili-Minz-Erbsenpüree und Erbsen-Frikadellen
Filetto di salmone in costra di sesamo nero, purea di piselli con un tocco di peperoncino e menta con frittelle di piselli
Steak de saumon en croûte de sesame noir acompagné de beignets de pois et d’une purée de petits pois au piment et à la menthe
Filete de salmón en costra de sésamo negro, acompañado de buñuelos de guisantes y puré de guisantes con un toque de chile y menta

Chicken breast fillet potato purée with smoked paprika and vegetable relish
Csirkemell filé burgonyapürével, füstölt paprikával és zöldséges salsa
Hähnchenbrust mit Selleriepüree, Semmelknödel mit Spinat und eingelegten roten Zwiebeln
Petto di pollo grigliato, servito con purea di sedano, gnocchi di pane all’ ungherese con spinaci e cipolla rossa sottaceto
Filet de poulet avec purée de céleri, quenelles de pain aux épinards et oignons rouge marinés
Pechuga de pollo a la plancha acompañado de un puré de apio, bolas de pan con espinacas y cebolla morada encurtida

Duck leg confit with gravy sauce and fried cabbage and noodles hidden in chimney cake ring
Ropogós kacsacomb kürtőskalácsba rejtett káposztás cvekedlivel és gravy szósszal
Knusprige Entenkeule mit Bratensoße und Krautnudeln in einem Baumstriezel
Coscia d'anatra confit accompagnata da chimney cake ripiena di pasta con cavolo al sugo
Cuisse de canard confite accompagnée d’un anneau de « kürtőskalács » spécialité hongroise, fourré avec des pâtes aux choux et une sauce brune
Muslo de pato confitado acompañado con anillo de chimney cake relleno de pasta con col y salsa gravy

Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin with grilled potato and red onion chutney
Baconbe tekert sertésszűz grillezett burgonyával és vöröshagyma csatnival
Mit Bacon umwickeltes Schweinefilet mit gegrillten Kartoffeln und rotem Zwiebel-Chutney
Lombo di maiale avvolto nella pancetta accompagnato da patate arrosto e chutney di cipolla rossa
Filet de porc enroulé de bacon avec pomme de terre grillées et compotée d’oignons rouges
Lomo de cerdo envuelto en tocino acompañado de patatas asadas y chutney de cebolla morada

Beef ragout made with dark beer, mushroom and dark chocolate with bread dumpling
Barna sörben, gombával és étcsokoládéval készült marharagu kenyérgombóccal
Rindergulasch in Braunbierpilzesoße Zartbitterschokolade und hausgemachten Serviettenknödeln
Spezzatino di manzo a base di birra scura, funghi e cioccolato fondente servito con gnocchi di pane all’ungherese
Ragoût de bœuf à la bière brune, champignons et chocolat noir avec quenelles de pain moelleux
Estofado de ternera con champiñones, cerveza oscura y chocolate negro acompañado con bolas de pan al estilo húngaro

Hungarian vegan ratatouille
Vegán lecsó
Ungarisches Letscho (ungarisches veganes Ratatouille)
Peperonata in stile ungherese vegani
Ratatouille végétalienne hongroise
Pimientos guisados con tomate y cebolla estilo húngaro


(Desszert, Nachtisch, Dolce, Dessert, Postre)

White chocolate lemon-pistachio sponge cake
Fehércsokoládés-citromos pisztáciás piskóta
Weißer Schokoladen-Zitronen-Pistazien-Kuchen
Torta al cioccolato bianco, limone e pistacchio
VGâteau éponge au citron, pistache et chocolat blanc
Bizcocho de chocolate blance con limón y pistachos

Chili chocolate mousse with pecan nuts
Csilis csokoládé mousse pekándióval
Chili-Schokoladenmousse mit Pekannüssen
Mousse al cioccolato con peperoncino e noci pecan
Mousse au chocolat épicé avec noix de pécan
Mousse de chocolate con chile y nueces pecanos

Strawberry-basil chia pudding
Eper-bazsalikomos chia puding
Budino di chia con fragole e basilico
Pudding de chia à la fraise et au basilic
Pudin de chía con fresas y albahaca

What does 20th of August mean for Hungarians? What is this holiday about?

On August 20th, we celebrate the Hungarian state foundation, which can be seen for about 1000 years. The founding of the state is linked to the name of King Stephen King who, after centuries of paganism, transformed Hungary into a Christian state. On this basis, on August 20, we celebrate the founding of the state and honor the memory of King Stephen. (This day is one of the highlighted festivals for the Hungarian Catholic Church as István is also our first Hungarian patron saint.)

Those who arrive from Hungary on August 20 will be able to see the capital in a festive glory and receive a slice of Hungarian culture. On this day, many festivals await celebrities at various points of the city. Variety and exciting cultural programs, specialty festivals, concerts, shows and concerts can be chosen by a visitor to culture or entertainment.

The evening is closed by a magnificent fireworks displaying people from different parts of the country.


In Hungary, and even in cross-border Hungarian communities, for example in Transylvania, the blessing or slicing of bread is part of the celebration, so this day is also called the Day of New Bread. During the history, this holiday has been changed several times, some rulers have been celebrated on holidays, while others have abolished it. After the end of communism, its current "form" has remained, since then the official ceremony starts with the lifting of the Hungarian flag on Kossuth Square, next to Parliament, followed by craft exhibitions and parades. On this day, more prizes will be awarded, just like St. Stephen's Prize, which can be received by people who have done a prominent activity for the Hungarians. At the end of the ceremony, the Hungarian State celebrated the fireworks in Budapest and in many parts of the country. Fireworks can be admired from most parts of Budapest, but the most beautiful view of the Danube and its hiding places.