Event and Cruise Ships are the ideal venues for important occasions in Budapest

Are you planning a special event? For example, would you like to organize a wedding? Or would you rather enchant your clients with an exclusive conference venue?

If you have already organized a class reunion, team building program, birthday, or any other events, you have surely thought over the best location. And you have surely asked yourself what the ideal venue will be.



Choosing the place is a very important question, so it is worth to handle this task quite carefully. A not really suitable venue can spoil the whole event, but if you have found the best one, you have already won the half of the battle! So it is a very basic question, and you must decide it before dealing with any other tasks. Once the venue is booked, the other tasks will lend themselves. And you know – without a venue, there is no event.

Romantic Dinner

Sightseeing Program

Sunset Budapest

Birthday Event

We recommend you our Danube river cruise. If you choose us, we guarantee that you will not be upset at the end of the day. Check our fleet, and choose from them the venue! If you do so, you will not have to worry about the ideal venue anymore.

Advantages and other features of our Event and Cruise Ships

The ideal venue depends on the type of the event and also the length of it. You should also consider what you would like to message the participants during the program. The colour of the napkin is a cardinal question, but please believe us: there are lots of more cardinal and basic questions, too!

Would you like to enchant your guests with an exclusive experience? We especially recommend you our Danube river cruises. These trips are romantic, exclusive, and cosy. The views are beautiful, and these cruises are quiet and peaceful, because they are far from the noisy rush of the city. So we can provide a completely private event for you! But if you are seeking a venue for a casual team-building program in Budapest, we can also recommend renting a private ship.

Naturally, only a limited number of guests can embark onto the ships, so at first, you should consider the number of participants. If you would like to invite more people, then you will need a bigger ship.

And why is it worth to choose us? The traditional venues are usually a little bit boring, and they provide only a muzzy view. But we offer something absolutely different! If you choose us, you can admire a wonderful and breathtaking landscape which may continuously change during the cruise. We offer cruises not only inside cities but also outside them.

As a venue, ships’ prestige is higher than a usually rented hall. They offer extra values and make the whole event more exclusive.

Most of our docks are easily available. For example, there is also parking facilities near our own dock under the Erzsébet (Elisabeth) Bridge. However, if you use public transport instead of cars, we have another good news: the famous tram No.2 (which offers an amazing view) passes by us.

Private boat rental Budapest

Our boats can be rented for several kinds of events; we list some of the most popular ones below.

Venue for proposal and/or wedding

Stag party program Budapest & Bachelorette party

Team-building program Budapest

Office party at Christmas

Conference venue Budapest

Venue for the proposal dinner

Renting a private ship for events

What kind of events do we recommend our motorboats for (from 1 up to 12 people)?

You can have several reasons to choose a ship as a venue for an important event. Others want to just escape from the everyday rush. We have collected the most popular events for which we especially recommend our boats and ships:

A romantic evening with your partner, or a birthday toast with your closest relatives or friends


Sunset and sightseeing at night

Are you organizing more events at the same time or a series of occasions with a different number of participants? Ask an offer from us for a whole program package. This kind of package will provide you reduced prices for the different programs and motorboats/ships, e.g. we can offer a group discount.

Are you planning a wedding? Would you like to make it as amazing as it possible, from the proposal to the wedding lunch? Check our offers, and choose the best one for you! You can celebrate only the most important moments on the waves, or we can even offer you a fantastic river wedding!

You can see the recommended kind of ships below

Photography of the engaged couple - motorboat

Civil wedding – motorboat, event ship

For wedding photography – motorboat

For wedding reception – event ship

For a wedding lunch – event ship

Try and test our venues before the event which you are organizing!

Are you interested in one of our event and cruise ships? Come and try a program relateth the desired boat/ ship! So you can ensure if it will be the ideal venue for you. You can test the ship, and you can find out if you like the moving place or not. Moreover, you can get to know our crew and also can decide if we are flexible enough for you.

If you choose this offer, we will subtract the price of the dinner or the sightseeing from the rental fee, so we present you with this sum (but we require the saved ticket).


Equipment and other facilities of our ships

Captain and crew

Enclosed spaces of the ships have heating and air-conditioning, so we can provide an ideal temperature for all kinds of weather conditions. You can also rent sound system and other IT equipment.

Wedding catering service is available, too.

You can find here the list of our boats and ships which are suitable for events.

If you would like to rent a private motorboat, contact us via our website or phone (+36/20-332-5364).