2024 Valentine’s Day Cruise with Romantic Dinner


Surprise your Partner with a romantic dinner at Valentine’s day! ❤️
Valentine’s Gift (red rose, strawberry cocktail, heart shaped dessert) ❤️

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Would you like to surprise your partner at Valentine’s Day?

Choose our fascinating Valentine’s Day Cruise!

Have you been seeking the best venue for weeks, but do you think traditional ones are too boring? In this year, would you like to find out something marvelous and unique? Do you think that your sweetheart deserves the perfect one for everything? If you are fed up with the usual restaurants and the nicknacks of the same forms, try new ways of celebrating your love! Let’s see: how you imagine an ideal rendezvous with your partner? Amazing lights, tasty food, delicious champagne, a fancy present, and romantic music… If you say ’yes’, do not have to continue searching! We provide all of this on our luxurious, self-designed catamaran, during our Valentine’s Day program Budapest. 

Tickets include:

  • ~ 3 hour long Budapest cruise
  • Candle lit dinner
  • Welcome drink
  • 4 course dinner
  • Live piano performance
  • Child discount
  • Private table
  • Drink package (optional)
  • Window seat (optional)

Let’s see, what the Valentine’s Day program is like by us!

In the evening of 14th of February, the Valentine’s Day Cruise starts from Petőfi tér (Petőfi square) in Budapest, from Dock 11. You can choose your courses when you arrive at our Budapest dinner cruise. The catamaran leaves at 7:30, and returns at 10:30, so the whole trip lasts 3 hours. We ask you to arrive and embark at 7:00 pm. Our lady master of ceremony will greet our guests with colored champagne, heart-shaped chocolate dessert, and rose-leaves, so you can spend this boarding time pleasantly. Probably everyone considers the red rose of the symbol of romantic love. But do you know the reason? The legend says that the ancient Greek goddness of love adored this flower. According to the myth, the blood of her dying lover Adonis painted white roses into the red.

The lights of Budapest are amazing at night. Please close your eyes and imagine the dark river with the dark sky above it. You are travelling on the quiet waves, and on the two banks of the river, you can see the gold lights of the city. You may feel that you are sailing among the stars! During the Valentine’s Day Cruise, it is worth to gaze the impressive and floodlit buildings such as the Hose of the Parliament, the St. Stephen’s Basilica or the Castle. They all have an important role in Hungarian history and culture. If you are interested in the spectacles of Budapest, we recommend also Budapest sightseeing cruise, which can be an ideal family program.

On this special Budapest dinner cruise, our onboard chef provides a 4-course menu which is available in four languages. At the beginning, we offer some delicious starter and a pleasant bowl of warm soup. Then you can choose from 6 different types of the main course. You can try traditional Hungarian dishes like goulash soup or veal stew with Hungarian noodle dumplings, but you also can choose tasty vegetarian dishes e.g. spring salad with honey-mustard dressing, grilled halloumi cheese served with fresh garden salad, or you can taste classic international dishes. We are trying to do our best for making fish dishes more popular in Hungary because they are healthy and our river fishes are delicious. So you can order trout with almond and – as side-dishes – green beans and tomato cream with some dill sauce. Of course, the best and sweetest part of a meal is the dessert, which will surely dulcify your evening! You can have flan cake forest fruit ragout or fruit salad on our Valentine’s Day Cruise. If you have any food intolerance, do not have to give this program a miss, because we can offer you special dishes. Please let us know if you have diatery requirements! 

However, a romantic night is unimaginable without music, isn’t it? We know this very well, so we provide a lovely, romantic atmosphere for you. During dinner, you will enjoy live piano music. If you are not really experienced in instrumental music, don’t worry! The performance is accompanied by a vocalist who will sing well-known tunes, including, of course, love songs. Why don’t you surprise your sweetheart with a melody which is sung just for her? If you and your partner have a special love song, which is especially important for you, ask our team to sing it for you. We guarantee that it will be an unforgettable feeling! Moreover, if you feel enough talent and braveness, you have also a chance to sing yourself to your beloved one; like the troubadours in the old times. She will surely think it touching!

Of course, your love and the pleasant adventure are the most important, but a nice gift can always make the event brighter. So let me tell some words about our Valentine-package! After the Valentine’s Day Cruise, you can take home not only the beautiful memories but also our Valentine’s Day gift. This little present includes one red rose, two Szamos marzipan desserts, and a special photo about you and your dear partner, which will surely be a lovely memory. Have you ever sought the ideal site for taking a photo of yourselves? If you choose us, it won’t be a problem: the imposing historical buildings and bridges in the magnificent lights of the Budapest night offer the perfect background. It would be rather hard to find a more romantic location!

By the way, who was Valentine? According to his legend, he was a priest and lived in the 3rd century. Valentine helped couples to get married when the Roman emperor banned this. So he became the patron saint of marriage and lovers. His day is absolutely not a newfangled holiday. Even in ancient Rome, people celebrated the love and fertility at the end of the long, cold winter. Saint Valentine’s Day was first associated with romantic love by Geoffry Chaucer in the 14th century, in the golden age of courtly love. In his poem (Parlement of Flows), the birds are coming to the goddness of nature because they would like to find their partner. Approximately three hundreds years later, another English poet, Samuel Pepys, had sent a love letter to his wife who sent a nice bunch of flowers as an answer. Thanks to them, letters and flowers came into fashion on Valentine’s Day among the nobility. Moreover, Shakespeare also mentioned this day in Hamlet.