Find the perfect Budapest Programme organized on Cruise

Budapest river cruise on New Year’s Eve


Say goodbye and close the exact year and greet the new one on a luxurious catamaran from the middle of the Danube! Majestic dinner and gorgeous lights observing around the whole town shipping along the river will provide a complete entertaining night by a live Piano Battle Show.

Budapest river cruise on the 1st day of the year

On the basis of a popular saying, the way you spend the first day of the New Year will determine your following 12 months. Join us on that day, have a fantastic night with us on board, enjoy the 4-course dining, entertain the live piano battle show to guarantee a similar successful whole year.

The main question is the meaning of Budapest dinner cruise

According to some dictionaries, cruising means a journey on a large ship for pleasure during you are visiting several places. Or travelling without destination or purpose. For us, experiencing Danube dinner cruiseit exactly means the contradistinction of the second fact. During a Budapest dinner cruise, everyone has the same aim to reach is to have knowledge about the typical Hungarian tradition, culture, history, architectures, famous buildings and fine dishes with excellent wines.

That is all we know and make all of you happy meanwhile staying in our beloved city. No other ideal way you have to exploring Budapest by night only a relaxing sightseeing Budapest river cruise. In case you admire to see the most romantic side of Budapest, let’s take a cruise on the Danube. Luxurious catamarans with wide panoramic windows, comfortable seats and modern furniture, equipment are waiting for you.

Have a wonderful Danube dinner cruise evening even celebrate special holidays like Christmas, New Years’ Eve, Valentine’s Day, and wedding anniversary or make a surprise birthday party on board. Inconceivable on all average weekdays several guests are always suffering from allergic reactions to dairy products, nuts, flour or sugar.

So if it is necessary instead of the average 4-course dishes, as a matter, of course, everybody will get the adequate food paying attention to exact medical rules. In case you would like to order special meals please tell it during the booking but also optional at Dock 11 or finally on board.

Allow us to organise your night by dinner cruise Budapest

Always getting a problem of what kind of presents you need to give your lovers on a special event. Have you ever organised a birthday party for someone or make a get-together with your friends? Always bringing a challenge of the type and quantity of dishes, cakes, and drinks for making a perfect party. I am getting wondered how you will feel if everything could be ready and organised for the exact festive. Do not be exercised about the quantity and quality of meals, the scene and way you feel. Each moment of the night must be perfect as you are in case of choosing Danube dinner cruise. No one will be disappointed since unlimited drink package with the 4-course menu and cakes are as premium goods as the most modern catamaran in Budapest.

Boarding Time

7.30 p.m

Departure Time

08.00 p.m


3 hours

Tour End

11.00 p.m

Dinner cruise Budapest invites you to enjoy a night party

Welcome on board, have the fantastic feeling of Budapest river cruises. Candlelit Danube dinner cruise offers you a perfect night, having the reputation of being one of the most well-known sightseeing tours in Budapest, Hungary. Surely, you will fall in love with the whole city, its fascinating panoramic views from the shipboard as from a new perspective than taking a pleasant walk on foot along narrow crowded streets. Gazing at the sunset behind the Hungarian House of Parliament, Buda Castle, Chain bridge or Gellért Hill. Fell the sensual experience provided the city light up, shipping along the river Danube, drinking a glass of house wine or tasting the 4-course meals. All in all, it is one the most romantic ways of exploring Budapest by Danube dinner cruise.

Luxury catamaran boats present fabulous entertainment, give so much fun of loving group by Hungarian folk dancers dressed up in typical traditional Hungarian folk clothes, the so-called “Kalocsai” dresses beloved by all guests coming to here from all over the world. During the 3-hour Budapest river cruises, world-class talented musicians and incredible folk dancers will entertain you to gain an unforgettable adventure in Budapest. In Hungary, folk dance, like “Csárdás”, “Legényes” or “Verbunk” has the origin dated back to the 16th century. So presenting operetta and folklore show we are able to pay attention to the presence of the Hungarian culture. The Hungarian folklore show is an event no one should miss out meanwhile discovering Budapest. The show is an unforgettable musical and touristic desired knowledge, featuring one of the most famous Hungarian operetta singers, classical gipsy musicians and performers, presenting authentic songs like “Csárdáskirálynő” and “Maricza grófnő” during cruising the amazing sights of UNESCO World heritage buildings.

Meanwhile spending your free time on board by Budapest river cruises, possibly you have no knowledge about some facts as the followings:

  • Dinner cruise Budapest with operetta and folklore show was released in 2016, presented on the most modern catamaran ship in Hungary, providing amazing musical, theatrical and touristic adventure to all our guests, travelling to here from the whole world,
  • the best catering service we have, including chefs gaining 3 Michelin Stars to ensure you will get delicious dishes,
  • any day you desired, have the access to book a table as surprising a birthday party, business events with your colleagues or wedding anniversary meanwhile tasting the 4-course meals and looking at the gifted folk gipsy musicians and professional dancers.

Boarding Time

7.00 p.m

Departure Time

07.30 p.m


3 hours

Tour End

10.30 p.m

Explore Budapest by a booze cruise!

Budapest river cruise on the river Danube, rising in Germany’s Black Forest flowing through 10 counties. Sightseeing cruise includes amazing cities like Vienna, Munich, Prague or Budapest so we could be so happy this fascinating natural miracle is flowing through our country, too. Budapest river cruise offers several opportunities to discover scenic old historical buildings, churches, old villages, medieval castles or museums throughout the town wherever you are strolling. Greet each of them by cruising for 75 minutes, presenting snack and booze cruise. Try the unlimited different kinds of beer collection, have amazing pizzas or street foods. Sightseeing cruise on the river Danube surely let you experience a lifelong adventure.

Our booze cruise program is advised for everyone who likes taking pleasure in beauties of the city. The 75-minute cruise includes the trip of course with a desired chosen pizza or sandwiches/salads like panini, piadina and the unlimited consumption of beer or soft drinks as well. Complete comfort is waiting for you on board, in summers the ship is air-conditioned and in winters heating is solved.

Surprise your lovers, friends by a sightseeing cruise and a remarkable event in Budapest!

Your voucher is issued without any exact date do in case you would like to purchase it in March for a birthday in summer or autumn you will have the chance to attend us. Raise happiness by giving this great surprise and I guarantee your present is the most advantageous. Are you fed up with getting hundreds of expensive bags, make-up, shoes, smartphones and so on? Buy experience and spend your time with whoever you want since time is never enough, it is the most expensive thing in each person’s life.

Certainly, you will not find the fascinating places of Budapest staying in your comfortable hotel, having passive recreation all day. However, here lots of famous ones we have but do not miss out common visited sights, gorgeous places such as Gellért Hill, Buda Castle, Chain and Margaret Bridge, Matthias Church and the most beautiful Gothic-style monument called Parliament, being located on the bank of the Danube.

Best booze cruise party ever!

Sightseeing cruise meets Hungarian party culture. Have you aware of this meaning? A typical Hungarian party is about drinking fine alcohols and dancing. Both are suggested on board. Let’s get together with your friends and make a competition of how many glasses of beer you can drink during 75-minute shipping. Do not worry about the prices as you know beer consumption is unlimited. Everything can be organised whether it can be a birthday or bachelor party since we do it for the beloved sights, for the love of an awesome party never had before. According to some annual data, every year more thousands of guests are cruising with us. Indoor and outdoor areas are available on the ship so any time of each year you can attend and enjoy your Budapest nightlife experience. Packages and various entertainment options are welcoming you.


until 30th of September