Easter Cruise Budapest in April

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April is a funny month of the year! We celebrate this month with a lot of traditional things, such as Easter Egg or Sprinkling with water or scent! Join our Danube River Cruise and discover a bit from Hungarian Culture!

Easter is a great time to get out!  Discover the Hungarian Culture, join to Easter Cruise Budapest!

When in Budapest one cannot miss out on sailing past the architectural wonders of the Hungarian Capital.

Explore the magical city while having an Easter Danube dinner cruise. Easter –or “Húsvét” in Hungarian -is one of the most popular holidays in Hungary.  Easter cruise Budapest is a grandiose program and this day is a really great time to get out with the family or with the friends. European river cruise should be on the bucket list for everybody.

As part of the old traditions, the men are ’watering’ the women on Easter Monday, which represents freshness and beauty for the rest of the year. Women prepare handmade Hungarian folk art painted eggs for the ’watering’ men. These items were real craftworks; women painted them very carefully. There are multiple methods of this work, but probably the oldest one is the following: with a thin metal pin which is called íróka, women applied hot water on the surfaces of the eggs. Then they put the eggs into some paint. After drying of the dye, the wax was removed – and its place seemed like a white pattern. Do you know what was the most beloved color? It’s red because old people thought that it has a protective power. Nowadays, in cities, men usually use perfume instead of a great bucket of cold water, and they receive chocolate or other desserts. An urban legend says if Easter Monday is on the 1st of April, on All Fools’ Day, women can water men… In some little villages, you may enjoy the old, traditional habit but on the board, we will, unfortunately, skip the ‘watering’ (“Locsolkodás” in Hungarian). Instead of it, we will prepare another surprise for our guests on the board. Szamos marzipan chocolate is waiting for our guests. The dinner cruise through Budapest lasts 3 hours, during which our chef will prepare a 4-course menu.

Join Us! On our Easter Cruise, three great programs are united: a sightseeing cruise, high-quality cultural programs, and – last but not least – delicious meals and drinks. Live music with singers, experiencing the beautiful sights, night lights of the capital and memorable moments: these are what a European river cruise can provide you. There are many impressive buildings that you can enjoy from the cruise, for example, the Fisherman’s Bastion that is one of the top Budapest attractions without a doubt. Most of the buildings on the bank of the River Danube are built at the end of the 19th century so they represent the playful elegance of the Art Nouveau or they were designed in the style of eclecticism (so they show the signs of former great art ages such as Roman, Gothic or Renaissance). Join us and enjoy the magical Budapest panorama while having an Easter Cruise Budapest.

The available dates in 2020 for Easter Cruise Budapest are 12st of April (Easter Sunday) and 13nd of April (Easter Monday).

Boarding 19:00 19:30
Departure 19:30 20:00
End of the tour 22:30 23:00

By the way, have you known how the date of Easter can be calculated? The rule is the following: Easter starts on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.
If you would like to spend the whole day with programs, you can choose from several offers. Around Easter, thematic fairs are always organized where you can buy high-quality craftworks from talented Hungarian artists in the fields of fine arts and applied arts. They are a little bit expensive but on the other hand, they are all unique and wonderful. For example, you can buy folk art eggs decorated with various techniques and materials. Moreover, in Hungary, a perfect festival cannot exist without the values of the national cuisine. So you may have a chance to taste pork sausages, fireworks (palinka), or Chimney cake.
If you are lucky, the date of Easter will be round the cherry blossom. Yes, it’s a characteristic Japanese holiday but in the Botanical Garden Budapest you also can enjoy this magnificent natural phenomenon – combined with several interesting cultural programs.
After an exciting day like that, our pleasant cruise will be the crown of the night!

Wines from Hungary
  • Waldorf Manufacture’s wines, from Mihály Figula’s and Zoltán Günzer’s winery
  • Viktória Cuvée 2016, Figula Mihály, Balatonfüred
  • Vencel Rosé 2016, Günzer Zoltán, Villány
  • Vilmos Cuvée, Günzer Zoltán, Villány
  • Thummerer Egri Muskotály 2015, Noszvaj
  • Sparkling Wine (sweet & dry from BB Manufactory)
Bottled Beers
  • Staropramen Beer
  • Borsodi
Soft Drinks
  • Fruit Juices
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Mineral Water
Hot Drinks
  • Coffee selection
  • Tea selection

At last but not least, we know each of you would like to know the price of Easter cruise in Budapest. Many packages are offered to choose the most appropriate one. We offer different types of tickets: 4-courses dinner with a glass of welcome drink for € 63 or 4-courses dinner with a table by the window for € 77, other drink consumption is to be paid at the end of the event. The same dinner with all you can drink package for €142.

Finally, a popular package is the 4 courses menu with all you can drink package with a table by the window for €156. We are thinking of the children as well. Until the age of 5, it is free for staying on the board without dinner and between the age of 5-15, we can offer 4-courses dinner with a drink for €57. A great holiday dinner consists of a starter, soup, main course, and dessert, doesn’t it? We maintain this nice habit. You can enjoy the traditional dishes of Hungarian cuisine but we also offer international tastes. Goulash soup is very delicious but if you are longing for some lighter course, we recommend our tomato cream soup. Among the 6 different kinds of main courses, you can find real gourmet dishes like trout with almond or special vegetarian food such as tofu or grilled cheese with some fresh garden salad. Fans of meat don’t need to worry, because they will surely enjoy the beef, chicken, or duck. Finally, our dear guests can choose either flan cake forest fruit ragout or fruit salad. We are pretty sure that you can find the most appropriate one. We help our foreign guests with a menu which can be read in four languages.

A pleasant new experience is waiting for you, try the European river cruise in Budapest on the second-longest river in Europe on a luxurious newly built catamaran. Despite the worthily famous work composed by Strauss, Danube is not truly blue – anyway, its colors are still wonderful either daytime or at night. Period of sunset is the most amazing!
Could you mention another program where you can experience so much magic I was offering you above?
In addition, we also offer you more programs for the whole year, visit our home page and choose the actually most appropriate offer for you anytime. Don’ forget: objects can be vanished or destroyed but memories are eternal. Surprise yourself and your friends or family with one of our cruises! Spend the holiday with us and we will give you an unforgettable evening.