Budapest Sunset Times in May 2019

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May 2019, Budapest Sunset Times

Many people think that May is the best part of the spring. Nature is beautiful, the trees are leafy, and there are still several colorful flowers in the parks. Moreover, there is not as hot as during the summer months. If you would like to adore nature at springtime in Budapest, and you like hiking, let’s go to Margaret Island. If you prefer not so active ways of free time or just would like to have a rest, you can enjoy the feeling of May sunset during our cruise. However, the Hungarian capital city offers several interesting other programs, too.

Budapest Spring time River Cruise
There are lots of festivals in the bustling Budapest. If you are interested in arts and you are also a cool guy/girl, we recommend you Antique and Modern Art Street Afternoon. Are you afraid that you won’t understand the exhibition? Don’t worry, art historians can help you and guided tours are also available. Besides several kinds of art street, you can also enjoy music, such as jazz, blues, or classical concerts. The International Comic Book Festival is a promising program, too. There you can even buy or change the items. Meeting with other fans is a super experience! If you are interested in Hungarian or other nations’ culture, don’t miss Budapest Folk Fest or the Jewish Art Days. Anyway, tourists who are seeking easier programs can enjoy open-air bath parties where – of course – swimming suit is compulsory. A huge towel and flip flops are also recommended but you can get them also at the site. If you like special food, visit the gourmet festival and the Foie Gras Festival. Goose liver is the material of several excellent and exclusive dishes, and Hungary is really famous for it.
Among the months, usually February is associated with love, but the spring, which is the period of nature’s resurrection, is also very romantic. And what can be more romantic than spending a pleasant evening with your beloved one? Sometimes it is hard to decide if being in the city or enjoying nature. We can combine the two delights! Join us and spend with us a fancy hour at sunset times in Budapest. While you are sailing on the waves of the River Danube, you can enjoy both the marvelous, diverse lights of the sunset and the beautiful historical buildings on the bank of the river. Our ships and boats with their professional staff are also rentable. ‘The hour of the blue and gold’ on the waves of the huge river is a must-have experience. Do you like taking photos? If so, you will love this magnificent travel among the sunset lights.
The music-fanswill surely love the concerts in May which are organized at really imposing sites, such as in the Matthias Church or the St Stephen Basilica.
Do you like sightseeing tours in Budapest? If you like having new experiences and trying extreme vehicles, let’s book a segway tour. Or you can join us for a sightseeing cruise during the daytime or even at night. Budapest’s each face is wonderful; it is worth seeing all of them. If you choose our sunset or night cruise, you can adore the performance of the lights during the sightseeing. Budapest Market Hall Tours sound also interesting. There you can get some information about traditional Hungarian dishes and drinks. You can easily get hungry during a program like this, but it is no problem because you can taste food and drinks, too.
Sightseeing River Cruise Budapest
Finish your day with us or start the pleasant night on the board of one of our ships or boats. Do not hesitate! Book our budapest sunset cruise via our website or phone immediately, and enjoy the sunset Budapest today!

Date Sunset time Date Sunset time
1st May 19:56 17th May 20:17
2nd May 19:57 18th May 20:18
3th May 19:58 19st May 20:19
4th May 20:00 20nd May 20:20
5th May 20:01 21rd May 20:21
6th May 20:02 22th May 20:23
7th May 20:04 23th May 20:24
8th May 20:05 24th May 20:25
9th May 20:06 25th May 20:26
10th May 20:08 26th May 20:27
11th May 20:09 27th May 20:28
12th May 20:10 28th May 20:29
13th May 20:12 29th May 20:30
14th May 20:13 30th May 20:31
15th May 20:14 31th May 20:32
16th May 20:15