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Budapest Citadella

Budapest Citadel is the part of the World Heritage – An outstanding szmbol of Budapest

Statue of Liberty
The word citadel is actually originated from an Italian word that is immediately recognized as the Statue of Liberty by many in the local population, which interestingly was added to the castle almost 100 years after its final construction.
Originally, in case of most citadel castles, this one was not built in order to strengthen the people, but on the opposite function of it, hoping the building will have a suppressive effect. After the defeat of the War of Independence of 1848-1849, it managed to occupy its prominent place on the top of Gellert Hill, so that it could be easily seen by everyone from the city. The beginning of the fortification was linked to the name of an Austrian ruler, Julius Jacob con Haynau, who imagined it as a sign of struggle for freedom after beating down. In 1947 the Statue of Liberty designed by Miklós Kisfaludi Storbl was placed in the eastern part of the castle, from where the Statue of Liberty is able to look over the city.


Budapest CitadelThere are many options for visiting the Citadel, getting some basic knowledge about its history, architecture. Not only bicycle or pedestrian and car access is possible, but also other means of transport help to reach Gellert Hill. We could rent for example a Segway, or arrive by boat, which provides stops on both sides of the Danube, but you can use public transport as there are many stops at several points on Gellért Hill – buses No. 8E or 108E or tram 19. The castle area places for a multitude of vendors and restaurants, exhibitions and medieval presentations, which completely provide memorable experience of our stay in Budapest. So, if you want to buy a souvenir besides a photo or a card, you will definitely have the opportunity. If you would like to have a traditional Hungarian fine fish or goulash soup, the Panorama Restaurant or the Meat Shepherd can be your excellent choices. If you would like to look at the Budapest Citadel from a different perspective, a cruise tour on the Danube can ensure all famous and spectacular sights. After an exhausting walk, explore the Gellert Thermal Bath, offering you both health and wellness services – private bath and massage there a must-to-do program. Conclusively, Citadel is located at the top of the Gellert Hill, offering a great amount of wonderful sights of Budapest in a so-called perspective of 360 degree. Amaze how the Chain Bridge, the Hungarian Parliament, the whole Danube are so outstanding! One of the best ways to get to the Citadel is walking, easily reachable on foot meanwhile enjoying the panoramic view and other topographic features of the city. During the trip, let’s try a “kürtős kalács” or get into a cozy café. On the other hand, you will have the chance to use public transport which is really a tourist friendly way actually, all significant buildings and places of interests of Budapest are easy of approach – known as a well-organized city – so, it is non-exacting to jump from one to the other. Most of Hungarians could speak English although all tourist information desk will help to organize your trip, giving any necessary info. By walking along the walls, you would be able to take many photos even reaching at the top of the hill, you must take a selfie behind the gorgeous Parliament. See the most important architectural, historical and cultural destinations of the city, including St. Stephen’s Basilica, Elisabeth Bridge and so on. Budapest Citadella should completely be in your list among must-see places to visit. There is no one who would not fell in love with it! So, now if you have decided to explore Budapest for a few days, it should be your first station. Get to amaze and find all the beauties!