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Budapest Citadella
Budapest Citadel is the part of the World Heritage – An outstanding szmbol of Budapest The word citadel is actually originated from an Italian word that is immediately recognized as the Statue of Liberty by many in the local population, which interestingly was added to the castle almost 100 years after its final construction. Originally, in
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Budapest Sziget festival 2019
Sziget festival, the island of freedom Budapest festival also in this year, the so-called Sziget festival 2019, is one of Europe’s largest one-week, outdoor musical festivals with hundreds of programs from the 7th to 13rd of August, 2019. Following the last year’s – Sziget festival 2018 – record-breaking attendance, the island of Hajógyári now is
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Top thigs to do in Budapest in August
Discover the top ten things to do in Budapest during your holiday Make your holiday in Budapest – Hungary’s capital city – so memorable! As a tourist, many amazing attractions and programs are waiting for you. Many of them granted the UNESCO World Heritage status so do not miss them if you have the opportunity
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Hortobagy pancake
Hortobagy pancake, the taste of the Hungarian Puszta What is the connection between the hortobagy pancake (Hortobágyi palacsinta) and the famous Hungarian region called Hortobágy? In fact, nothing. The orotund name is a simple trick of marketing: the chef hoped that it would make the dish more popular in the World Fair in Brussels, in
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Liberty Statue Budapest
The Hungarian Liberty Statue Budapest, the Hungarian capital has plenty of beautiful attractions. The Danube River winds through the city, which in itself offers a fascinating sight. The city is full of historic monuments and one of its symbols is the Budapest Liberty Statue. The Budapest Liberty Statue was set in 1974, created by Zsigmond
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Dohány Street – Great Synagogue This is the greatest synagogue of the Hungarian Jews and also the greatest one in Europe besides the synagogue in Amsterdam. If we inspect the whole world, only the sizes of the Temple Emanu-El exceed it. You can find the Great Synagogue in the Dohány street, in district VII. This
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Best fish & Seafood Restaurants in 2019
Top 10 Best fish & Seafood Restaurants in Budapest in 2019 Although fish dishes are not the best-known items of Hungarian cuisine, you can find good courses from this field of gastronomy. For example, fish soup has international fame. You can taste it in Best fish & Seafood Restaurants which offer traditional Hungarian food. Gundel Restaurant
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Hungarian Dobos cake
The real Hungarian Dobos cake that conquered the world If you should enumerate some characteristic dishes from Hungarian cuisine, probably you will mention some spicy food with lots of paprika such as fish soup, goulash, or chicken paprikash. Although Hungarian desserts are not so famous as some main courses, they are truly delicious, so it is
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What to do with 3 days in Budapest
The ideal 3 days in Budapest Budapest is an interesting and busy town which cannot be completely discovered in a few days. However, during 3 days in Budapest it can show its several faces. The ideal three days in Budapest First of all, sightseeing is a must-have program!In the Hungarian, there are several imposing historical
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Buda Castle of Budapest
The Great Castle of Buda Buda Castle can be found in the Castle District which is the main cultural and touristic center of the Hungarian capital city. This is the part of the World Heritage since 1987. Past of the castle This castle is one of the symbolic buildings of Budapest architecture and it had