Top 5+1 fun facts about the Danube River

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Top 5+1 fun facts about the Danube River

  1. The second-longest river in Europe: Danube.

Danube river located around middle Europe. As a second longest river, it’s around 2857 Km long. Start from Germany at the black forest, go through lot different countries then end up into Black sea. Passing around 10 countries in Europe, and multiple cities. Even for the capital of the four countries: Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia.
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  1. European countries people rely upon the water source from the river

The slope is large because upper river gets through mountains. You can see the water level have big different When the season changed. Summer comes high level, winter getting low. all the water is from the melty ice up the mountain, very clean and pure. Except for the middle and lower river part have a big field, do heap up plenty sand around and it’s not easy to clean. Otherwise, most of part is all nice and perfect for drinking and being a life water support to people.

  1. Hundreds and thousands of people come to the Danube river for river cruises every year.

The area of the Danube river is vast. Need to build up the different bridges for the traffic and people to pass by the river in most of the countries. Don’t mention there are quite a lot of historic sites and the buildings around the river bank during different Civilization. That is why make the Danube river become very popular with visitors.  This Is really amazing, especially the part passing by Hungary’s capital-Budapest. Budapest river cruises become one of must do things while they traveling around Hungary.

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  1. Danube river with a long history

There are Civilizations shows up around the Danube river from the Prehistoric era, and they call it Danube culture. After different time interval through the middle age till twenty first century, not only those building around, the people also really live around the river develop the life at the river bank. Even create a Danube river Committee, for making Danube river become international shipping route, and sign up the rules between those country who got river passing by.

  1. Almost 30% of the river is located in Hungary

Danube river starts in Germany, but Hungary’s the real home for it. The Main stream and great quantity of tributary make 30% of the river are located in Hungary.  Plenty of tourist would like to come to Hungary for the river cruises experience. The Budapest river cruises are most popular because all the building and historical things around the river bank. the Danube river will shine like pearl at the night time. You don’t want to missed it Budapest river cruises.
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  1. The color of the Danube river

“Blue Danube” is the Waltz present by  Austrian composer Johann Strauss . It got very famous after performer. Austria even take it as second National anthem. Someone also wrote the lyric for chore can sing with it.  Then people all come to see this romantic blue Danube because the song. However, we all realize when we got here, blue is not the colour for the Danube river.