Pizza Cruise Budapest with Unlimited Drink

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Live through a booze cruise by night in the heart of Budapest!

Firstly, we are just wondering if taking a trip abroad, what is your main goal to visit the most famous sights of your destination? Are you in a state of satisfaction exploring one, two, three or some more?

Certainly, you will use Google to find the best restaurant, trying a traditional Hungarian dish. Sightseeing cruise takes 80-minute on board, leaving from Elizabeth bridge, Dock 11 – boarding and getting-off are at the same location. Enjoy some snack on each cruise on each day, including the weekends, from the mornings until the evenings.

Please note that nighttime party cruises, which include alcoholic beverages and cocktails, are intended for adults aged 18 and older.

Thank you for your understanding.

MAY 1 - JUN 30
17:00 €42 17:00 €46
19:00 €46 18:45 €46
21:00 €46 20:30 €50
22:15 €46
The trips last 80 minutes
The evening trips include a surcharge of €4


Dear Passengers! To ensure the safety of our guests, please be aware that in case of hazardous weather circumstances, unforeseen events or technical issues the company reserves the right to cancel cruises. To embark on our cruise, we require a minimum of 10 participants. Thank you for your understanding!


The best way to see the Capital's most amazing buildings by the river Danube is to choose a sightseeing cruise with us. Purchase your booze cruise ticket personally at the Dock 11 or get it by online.

We are pretty sure your first goal whilst discovering the capital city of Hungary, is to see all well-known buildings and places of interests. Nothing could be more romantic and amazing than having a sightseeing cruise whether it is sunny in summer or so cold in the winter. All our boats are perfect for every kind of weather circumstances as much as heating and air-conditioning are also offered. Meet your friends and make the day special with them. Surely, they must be impressed by unlimited beer or soft drinks. Please do not drink so much alcohol without consuming food on board as its consequence of getting drunk. Please drink responsibly!

Booze cruise means drinking unlimited drinks whether non-alcoholic soft drinks or different kind of alcoholic beverages and of course unlimited beer. Additionally, snack cruise is about trying street food for example, panini (mortadella classic, parma grande, Greek chicken or pork) piadina (caprese, Quattro Formaggi, al’prosciutto) Belga Waffeln, chocolate fondant or hot dog.

Please let us know if you have any diatery requirements.

A reputed pizzeria serves tasty pizzas such as Hungarian, Hawaii, Ham&Corn, Salami or Margarita upon as request.

Why not do the same at one place during a 80-minutes cruise!

Besides snack cruise, other Budapest river cruise programs are available recommended and run by our company. As an example, we would like to mention piano battle show or operetta and folklore show, including fine dining on board. Choose a premium service meanwhile exploring our wonderful city, admiring architectural buildings along the river Danube, being provided by the gorgeous panoramic view.

Any kind of event, everything could be organised on our luxurious catamaran and sightseeing boats. Organise your wedding ceremony in nature, make a birthday party or spend Christmas Eve, even Valentine’s day depending on whatever you are dreaming of. Share this special feeling with your loved ones. Meet them on board and soak in the unforgettable adventure by night.

Other special cruises are available, please have a look at our different options.

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