The famous Chicken paprikash

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The famous Chicken paprikash

Hungarian cuisine and the famous Chicken paprikash

The Hungarian culture is well-known, famous, and we have a well-located country in the heart of Europe. Despite the fact that this country is not so big, it offers spectacular landscapes and agricultural areas, which have the ability to give a special culinary experience for those people, who are fans of national dishes.
Thousands of different restaurants are available, and most of them are located in amazing areas. You can eat near the mountains, rivers, around a lake, in a national park or you have the chance to be surrounded by beautiful sights with old and historical buildings. So the places are given, now you have to choose a special dish with a tasty chaser.
Hungarian cuisine
It is difficult to define Hungarian food and Hungarian cuisine with one word because they are very variable. First we have to mention the most common ingredients, which are used to make a special, delicious and unforgettable dish. Hungarian cooks frequently use potato, black pepper, onion or paprika. If we are not in a hurry, and we have enough free time, we like to have a big substantial breakfast. Typical Hungarian food for breakfast is fresh bread, cold sausage, dairy products, including cheese or sour cream, vegetables, ham and eggs, salami or jam. Just like in other European countries, lunch is the major meal of the day. Three courses are characteristic for the Hungarian cuisine. Soup is the first, usually vegetable, meat or fruit soup. Újházi chicken soup is one of the most popular, but goulash, fish soup or cherry soup also has a great reputation. The first course is followed by some meat, including, pork, beef, veal, chicken, duck, turkey or fish with potatoes, rice or some vegetable dish made from peas, beans, cabbage or lentils. What you exactly know as salad is can be a little bit different in Hungary. It is often called as “savanyúság”, which consists of pickled vegetables eaten along with the main course. The second course may also be some noodles with cottage cheese or pancakes. The third course is usually some cake, fruit salad or pudding. For example, Hungarian strudel, Dobos cake or Somlói Galuska, this is a Hungarian trifle. Another famous desserts in Hungary, especially when there is a fair nearby is the Chimney cake.

What is chicken paprikash?

Chicken paprika with sour cream is very traditional and comfort food. The recipe dates back several centuries, and it was maybe originated among farmers of southern Hungary. Hungarian paprika leads to one of the world’s great peasant dishes. This name describes a range of stew-like dishes made from meat, onions, lots of paprika, and sour cream. Although the basic element of the original dish is chicken, lamb, pork, or veal is also used. In addition, we add some mushrooms, which make a good meat substitute for vegetarian versions. Chicken paprika is served with noodles and dumplings traditionally.

Hungarian drinks not to miss

Chicken paprikash
Now let’s see an ideal chaser because in Hungary it is good to know what to drink and how to drink. A wide range of alcoholic varieties is available in our country and some of them are exclusive and popular throughout the world. We have many types of liqueurs, brandies, wines and beers, which are unique to the country.
If you are a beer fan, you should choose domestically produced beers, because these are the best in general. Some well-known beers are Arany Ászok, Dreher, Borsodi or Soproni.
Hungarian wine is also world famous. Tokaj is the most famous region of wines. Tokaj Aszú is a famous dessert wine, which is recognized by its amber brown color and the thickness of the wine. Ir you prefer red wine, try the wine called “Egri bikavér”, wich means Bull’s Blood of Eger. It can be a perfect chaser to your special dishes, but if you want to try something stronger, you should taste Hungarian Pálinka, which is a well-known fruit brandy. It is made especially from pear, apricot, plum and cherry; as a matter of fact, our agricultural areas are the best to produce real Pálinka in Europe.
All in all, Hungary owns a variable cuisine, which offers a bunch of soups from vegetables or meat or both, piquant and delicious dishes like chicken paprikash, special desserts and exclusive chasers. What else do you need if you want to try new and characteristic tastes?