Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. What makes this place so beautiful? There are many historical sites that take you back to the days of the Middle Ages. There are plenty of unique architectural styles and buildings to discover on the streets. It has many
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Bull’s Blood of Eger, one of the most famous wine of Hungary Hungarian cuisine is famous for tasty but often greasy dishes copiously seasoned by red pepper and high-quality wines. You can find 22 wine regions in the country! Hungarian wines are loved both by the Hungarians and foreigners. They have a great role among
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The Beef stew Much Hungarian food
Hugarian cuisine -The Beef stew Much Hungarian food is considered to be greasy and contains some red pepper (paprika). The Beef stew (pörkölt) is a common example of Hungarian cuisine. From the 1780s, it has been mentioned as a typical dish of the shepherds in the Great Plain which had to contain some smoked and
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Hortobagy pancake
Hortobagy pancake, the taste of the Hungarian Puszta What is the connection between the hortobagy pancake (Hortobágyi palacsinta) and the famous Hungarian region called Hortobágy? In fact, nothing. The orotund name is a simple trick of marketing: the chef hoped that it would make the dish more popular in the World Fair in Brussels, in
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Gundel pancake
Gundel pancake, the most delicious Hungarian pancake Just like every nation, Hungarians have their traditional cuisine also. The Hungarian cuisine is famous for its spicy food, especially for red pepper, called Paprika. I am sure that there’s nobody who hasn’t heard of the the Hungarian goulash which is probably the most famous Hungarian food. Of
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Great Market Hall Budapest
Eat a traditional Hungarian food in the Great Market Hall in Budapest Budapest as a metropolitan and capital city owns a wide range of stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and, of course, big markets. The Great Market Hall in Budapest is an old, large and expansive place, which is favored by many consumers because it has
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Best fish & Seafood Restaurants in 2019
Top 10 Best fish & Seafood Restaurants in Budapest in 2019 Although fish dishes are not the best-known items of Hungarian cuisine, you can find good courses from this field of gastronomy. For example, fish soup has international fame. You can taste it in Best fish & Seafood Restaurants which offer traditional Hungarian food. Gundel Restaurant
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The famous Chicken paprikash
Hungarian cuisine and the famous Chicken paprikash The Hungarian culture is well-known, famous, and we have a well-located country in the heart of Europe. Despite the fact that this country is not so big, it offers spectacular landscapes and agricultural areas, which have the ability to give a special culinary experience for those people, who
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Hungarian Dobos cake
The real Hungarian Dobos cake that conquered the world If you should enumerate some characteristic dishes from Hungarian cuisine, probably you will mention some spicy food with lots of paprika such as fish soup, goulash, or chicken paprikash. Although Hungarian desserts are not so famous as some main courses, they are truly delicious, so it is
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Traditional Hungarian fish soup
Are you interested in trying the special Hungarian fish soup? The culture of Hungary is very diverse from their flag to their beloved specialties and traditions. They are famous for their iconic and inviting national dishes like Fish soup. Hungarian cuisine offers many variations, which can be great discoveries beside Hungarian traditions for many travelers