Budapest Sunset Times in February 2019

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Budapest Sunset Times in February 2019

Sunset on the River Danube is an experience which can never be boring. This mysterious period of the day paints always with other shades – and these little changes can be really spectacular from month to month. Join our cruises, and adore sunset in every month! These tours last approximately one hour, and you can also rent a ship or a boat with professional staff.

If you like to get up early, you can try an extreme sunrise program too. We recommend to combine it with a tasty breakfast, and have a delicious big lángos (a kind of oil-fried yeast dough). However, do not worry if you are not really a ’lark-type’ person: book our other cruise, and enjoy sunset times in Budapest. A copious glass of mulled wine can surely enhance the mood of the evening! And it also helps you to defeat the cold.

Budapest Sunset Times in February 2019

Date Sunset time Date Sunset time
5th February 16:52 15th February 17:07
6th February 16:53 16th February 17:09
7th February 16:55 21st February 17:17
8th February 16:56 22nd February 17:18
9th February 16:58 23rd February 17:20
10th February 17:00 24th February 17:21
11th February 17:01 25th February 17:23
12th February 17:03 26th February 17:24
13th February 17:04 27th February 17:26
14th February 17:06 28th February 17:27

Budapest never takes a rest, so it doesn’t have any quiescence in this month as well. If it is February, we must not forget about Valentine’s Day. We have a unique VALENTINE CRUISE, too, but naturally, you can enjoy the sunset with your beloved one on our Sunset Cruise. In honor of lovers, the whole month is symbolized with the color of eternal love: the scarlet. Anyway, February is also the period of carnival, and there are lots of various programs. Related this period, there are fancy dress parties all over Budapest. It can be a really colorful and splendid spectacle! If you are lucky, you can take a glance at the celebrating people on the bank from the board. However, if you join them later, you can try a special Hungarian carnival dessert, the delicious doughnut. Moreover, there is also a really spectacular event on the last Saturday of the carnival period: this is the Budapest Opera Ball. Actually, this is not a real ball anymore, instead, it is a charity concert.

What else can I do in Budapest in February?

Do you feel hungry? Then we recommend you the Fish Festival or the Mangalitsa Festival (beginning of February); mangalitsa is a high-quality and delicious kind of Hungarian pork.
In February, days are noticeably longer, so you can have other pleasant programs before our cruise. For example, you can do some sport! In the City park of Budapest, there is a big open ice rink. Near the rink, you can find the romantic Vajdahunyad Castle, so you can skate at a wonderful site. Do you prefer skiing? Budapest has some mountains, but the city is not famous for its skiing facilities. However, you can find one good and friendly slope on the hill called Normafa. Bike trips are also available. If you do not have any special equipment or skills, you can try the running tracks on Margaret Island. After hard training, you can have a rest during our exclusive cruise while you are adoring the sunset. Do you prefer a less active way of pleasure instead? Than you shall try one of the thermal baths in Budapest!

Budapest Sunset Times February

Despite lengthening days, nights are still long. So after Sunset Cruise, you can book excellent cultural programs. If you are interested in music, you will love the programs in February! The marvelous sunset on the waves of the River Danube and the floodlit panorama of the city make the perfect mood to a good classical or jazz concert. The prestigious Liszt Music Academy offers concerts at a very high level in this month. We recommend e.g. concerts in Budapest Palace of Art or music evenings at MUPA. There are often organized concerts in the historical and beautiful building of the Matthias Church. Do you love operas? Visit the famous and beautiful Hungarian State Opera House.
So there is an endless number of interesting and pleasant programs which can be coronated by the sunset on the waves of the Danube. Join us, book our cruise immediately, and enjoy Sunset Budapest today!