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What is hungarikum?
Spend the summer in Hungary Hungarian history has a rich past. This central Europe located country had to struggle a lot throughout history to find its own identity and voice while it was controlled by different forces. Despite the fact that it had to struggle a lot, it has tried to preserve many beauties, including
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Budapest sunset times in December 2019
December is the most attractive month December isn’t simply the last month of the year but also the month of Christmas! Every child and lots of adults are longing and preparing for this holiday for weeks (advanced ‘competitors’ even for months). Many of us would like to find the perfect present for our beloved ones.
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National holidays are an important part of the Hungarian culture HUNGARY is not just famous for its widely-known, delicious Hungarian cuisine, but for its hospitality and great celebration atmosphere on holidays. What are the most remarkable public holidays in Hungary? Let’s look at them in details. New Year’s Day – 1st January Holidays to Hungary?
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Top 10 buildings in Budapest
The best time of the year to visit Budapest Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a very popular tourist destination. The city in the heart of Europe attracts more and more tourists every year regardless of the season. Budapest weather The climate of the city is continental with cold winters and warm summers so everybody
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Top 10 places where to celebrate New Years Eve in Budapest Budapest is a fabulous city with all his historical buildings and modern parties giving a fantastic mixture of different style. Celebrating new years eve is like hitting jackpot even you are interested in gala evenings, family-friendly activities or club parties. Here are some ideas,
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Budapest Sunset Times in February 2019 Sunset on the River Danube is an experience which can never be boring. This mysterious period of the day paints always with other shades – and these little changes can be really spectacular from month to month. Join our cruises, and adore sunset in every month! These tours last
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January sunset times Budapest 2019 Sunset is a wizard and magnificent period of the day. The lights are changing so fast, and the diversity of the colors can easily enchant anyone. You can find no people who are not interested in this marvelous natural phenomenon. Are you planning a romantic hour with your dear partner?
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Top 5 things to do in Budapest in December 1. December cruises on the Danube river From November, the atmosphere in the air was all thankful. To December, all around us are the gingerbread and the romantic feeling, even Christmas is at the end of the month.  When you come to this twin city-Budapest, even