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The Hungarian Parliament, as the most famous historical building in Budapest   The building of a country’s law-making body is always a great symbol and pride of a nation. These buildings were built unique, magnificent and in a special style. Therefore, Budapest Parliament is rightly considered to be among the most wonderful parliament buildings in
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The most important fact You should know about the Budapest Gellért Hill Gellért Hill is a real jewel of Budapest. It has several cultural and natural values and its part of the Hungarian history is quite interesting, too. The hill is 235 m high, and it is located beside the River Danube; actually, its eastern
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How Long Is The Danube River? The River Danube is the second longest river in Europe. (The longest one is the Volga). Its length is approximately 2850 km. The river drains into the Black Sea, and the type of its drainage is a delta. Deltas usually consist of branches. In the ancient times, The Danube River
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Which River Separates Buda From Pest In Budapest Let’s see a little geography The River Danube, the river of the Hungarian capital city, is Europe’s second longest river with its 2850 km length. It is originated from a German wood called the Black Forest, and it ends in the Black Sea with delta-type drainage. It
The House of Terror Budapest As the other nation’s past, Hungarian history has also brighter and darker periods. The house of terror shows one of the darkest ones. The building is in the Andrássy út under the 60th number. At the end of the second world war, the members of the Arrow Cross party (Hungarian