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Bull’s Blood of Eger, one of the most famous wine of Hungary Hungarian cuisine is famous for tasty but often greasy dishes copiously seasoned by red pepper and high-quality wines. You can find 22 wine regions in the country! Hungarian wines are loved both by the Hungarians and foreigners. They have a great role among
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Budapest Sziget festival 2019
Sziget festival, the island of freedom Budapest festival also in this year, the so-called Sziget festival 2019, is one of Europe’s largest one-week, outdoor musical festivals with hundreds of programs from the 7th to 13rd of August, 2019. Following the last year’s – Sziget festival 2018 – record-breaking attendance, the island of Hajógyári now is
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Why should you try a dinner cruise in Budapest?
Why should you try a dinner cruise in Budapest? Dinner cruises are always special occasions which you spend with your nearest and dearest, in a super elegant dress or suit in an enchanting atmosphere created around you. If you are staying in the heart of Europe, do not miss to try a Danube river cruise.
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August weather in Budapest
Do you consider April the most capricious among the months? Well, think it over again, as August weather also likes surprising people. The last month of the summer is said to be hot and dry, even drought isn’t a rare phenomenon. On the other hand, the weather can become easily rainy at this time of
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Budapest booze cruise
Try our Budapest booze cruise with pizza and unlimited beer consumption Would you like to see the best-known buildings of Budapest but don’t want to walk for hours? Or do you just like alloying pleasures of the holiday? If so, choose our Pizza & Beer Cruise! It is a successful marriage of eating out and
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The 15 best things to do in Budapest
15 things to do in Budapest 1. The building of the Hungarian Parliament The Hungarian parliament building is the third greatest parliament building of in the whole world – and one of the most wonderful works of the Hungarian architect in the 19th century. It was designed by Imre Steindl who alloyed the most characteristic
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Budapest tourism for first-time visitors
What to expect from tourism as a first-time visitor in Budapest? If you would like to travel Budapest, but you’ve never been there before, you may have some questions, especially you are a foreigner. Where is the city actually? What are the must-have sights? Is Budapest tourism safe? We’re trying to answer the most important
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Best nightlife in Budapest
How to injoy the nightlife in Budapest You are a party lover or maybe a tourist in Hungary, but you don’t know where to go after the sun goes down? Budapest consists of many exciting and variable places to spend a memorable and enjoyable night. This beautiful city is famous for its nightclubs and ruin
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What is hungarikum?
Spend the summer in Hungary Hungarian history has a rich past. This central Europe located country had to struggle a lot throughout history to find its own identity and voice while it was controlled by different forces. Despite the fact that it had to struggle a lot, it has tried to preserve many beauties, including
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National holidays are an important part of the Hungarian culture HUNGARY is not just famous for its widely-known, delicious Hungarian cuisine, but for its hospitality and great celebration atmosphere on holidays. What are the most remarkable public holidays in Hungary? Let’s look at them in details. New Year’s Day – 1st January Holidays to Hungary?