Which River Separates Buda From Pest In Budapest

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Which River Separates Buda From Pest In Budapest

Let’s see a little geography

The River Danube, the river of the Hungarian capital city, is Europe’s second longest river with its 2850 km length. It is originated from a German wood called the Black Forest, and it ends in the Black Sea with delta-type drainage. It passes through 10 countries of Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, including Hungary.
Danube Bridges In Budapest

Bridges of the Danube River

The river connects the two parts of the city. However, it wasn’t always such a way. The first permanent bridge was built only in the 19th century, and it was initiated by a famous Hungarian count called István Széchenyi. It is called the Széchényi Chain Bridge which was designed by William Tierney Clark. The work started in 1837, and it ended in 1849. Before the building of the bridges, during the Hungarian history travelling from Buda to Pest (or back) was rather complicated and in some cases – especially during ice breaking – even dangerous.
Now there are 15 bridges above the Danube River in Budapest. Two of them are for the railways. Among the others, the most famous ones are named by Elisabeth, Margaret, Árpád, Rákcózi, Petőfi, or Freedom.

River cruise in Budapest

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Budapest river cruise
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Margaret Island Budapest Sightseeing

The Margaret Island

This is a famous and beautiful island in the River Danube between Buda and Pest. It had a great role already in the Hungarian history, like Middle Ages because there was a nunnery on the island, where Margaret princess, the daughter of Béla IV king lived. Later she was canonized, and the island is also named for her. Nowadays, besides the medieval ruins, you can enjoy the wonderful nature on the island.