Monday, 30 July 2018 / Published in Things to do in Budapest
Budapest with many nicknames. How do we know Budapest? Because of the river and the street we call it “Paris of the East“. Danube river cut through the city so this is why we say “Pearl of the Danube”. Many centuries ago Hungary was under control by the Roman Empire and they bring a special culture
Thursday, 19 July 2018 / Published in Danube River Budapest
To connect the areas of Ujbuda and Csepel in the south of the city, the government of Budapest makes some competition to build another new bridge. Assume this going to be another landmark in Budapest, the Dutch studio UNStudio stand out from all of the design won this competition.   There were 17 teams also
Tuesday, 17 July 2018 / Published in Danube River Budapest
Top 5+1 fun facts about the Danube River The second-longest river in Europe: Danube. Danube river located around middle Europe. As a second longest river, it’s around 2857 Km long. Start from Germany at the black forest, go through lot different countries then end up into Black sea. Passing around 10 countries in Europe, and