Top 10 things to try in Budapest when you on self-guided trip

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Budapest with many nicknames. How do we know Budapest?

Because of the river and the street we call it “Paris of the East“. Danube river cut through the city so this is why we say “Pearl of the Danube”.
Many centuries ago Hungary was under control by the Roman Empire and they bring a special culture of bathing and start building thermal baths and spas. This is the reason why we also call Budapest as the “ Capital of Spas and Thermal Baths”. It does not matter for Hungarians how the Word call them, they really love to live in Hungary, because it’s simple beauty.
Széchenyi Chain Bridge
Because of different culture and historical sigh, make few places are collected into the UNESCO World Heritage site, such as Heroes Square or Citadella.
Budapest got sperate by a river to Buda and pest two part as we all know, but actually, Obuda is also made part of a city and become multiple special capitals.

All the old history things and modern growing in Budapest make tourist just more and more. People come from west and east find the different culture and view in this particular city. Going to a museum, relax in the park, taking bath, eat traditional Hungarian food and drinking together in the festival etc….
I believe all this thing you can find out by just google it. But, we are here, with locals want you to know and recommend the best thing we like and let you know why! All this might be the for the tourist only or even the locals will go or do it every day. Come with us, no matter 1 day or a few weeks you can stay in Budapest, you will feel full fill on this trip.
Follow us, step by step, find out how amazing Budapest could be

1.Hungarian national parliament

Hungarian national parliament with different round dome or spire on the top of a building. whole building taking a large area, you can see how magnificent from outside. The House of Parliament as a tallest and most important architecture in Budapest, they take care of all the number make them meaningful when they build it. Inside, it’s not glorious but very delicate. Today, there is holy crown worship in it. This crown is very Significant for the Hungarian. They display in the parliament and arrange the guard to escort. After the crown rove for a while, even orb on the top was devious, but they don’t want to Adjustment.
This building is the prettiest parliament in Europe. All the tourist heading here first when they in Budapest. You will feel impressive when you Walking around this building. In the daytime, from far away can see a white building standing there. To the sunset, the color was changed to the light yellow, then gold shine at the night time from the lights.

parliament hungary

Parliament Hungary 2018

Travel tips:
You might say, you didn’t see the color changed when you are there, do you know? The House of Parliament is built at the river bank, and the best place to see that will be at the middle of the Danube river.

2. Dip in the thermal bath

City of Baths’ is one of the nicknames for Budapest. There are over 120 thermal springs in the city. From Ancient Rome, Due to the capital’s favorable geographical position, they built many thermal baths. And all this water might be with some therapy function, good for your skin etc.…. Long-term history, comfortable bath, not in every country, so this can be one of the best things to do in Budapest.
Széchenyi Baths probably are already in your pocket list. Not only big, also with big outdoor bath, attractive for all the locals and tourists. Some of the locals even bring the chess with them, enjoy the game and the bath at the same time. this also become one of the special shoots for the tourist. But, if you wish a nice and quiet place with less tourist like you. Then the Gellért Baths will be the best choice for you. They are more delicate and focus on the design of a building. While you taking the bath, you can also permeate into the Budapest history with this prettiest bath ever.
Gellért Thermal Bath
Travel tips:
At the weekend, there is a party at the Széchenyi Baths, might offer you different atmosphere for taking the bath.

3. Get on the river cruise on the Danube river

The second longest river in Europe-Danube river, start from Germany all way long passing through all different Europe countries. With Austrian composer, Johann Strauss’ s song- The Blue Danube, become very famous. Visit the Danube river are the thing you can’t be missed. If you would like to go around on a bus while you arrive at the new city, I bet you also want to take a cruise to surround the Danube river. Day and night of Budapest is all the different view you will have ever.

Romantic Danube

Danube River Budapest

Travel tips:
River cruises become one of the popular programs on the Danube river, with 48 hours valid ticket, you can go once with night cruise and another time in the day with a different feeling. They even combined with traditional Hungarian dance and the dinner all together, save your time for running around with different activity.

4. Cycling around the river bank

If you been to Copenhagen, you will find out the cycling system was not that friendly in Budapest. however, Budapest got dived two sides by the river, and there is a path for cycling around the river. It will be easy for you if you only want to look around the river. There is a lot of bikes renting a place in the city center, the easier one might be MOL city bike. With plenty spot, it will be good if you want to have a go or you want to return the bike anytime. Or just find the shop, rent for a few days, use it anytime you want, don’t need to worry about the price!

bikes at Budapest

2018 Mol bikes at Budapest

Travel tips:
City bike MOL can use it after register be a member, first, a half hour is free. you might change every half hour to save some money also still can enjoy. But check well about how to use before you apply.

5. Heros’s square and the city park area

City park, it’s one of the nature park in Budapest, plenty viewpoint around. After the visiting or the bath, it will be wonderful if you can spend the time in here. There has a lake in the park, summertime is an open lake for people can rent the small stylish boat and be around the lake having fun with family or friends. When the winter, the lake will be frozen, they will become one of the best places for people to doing ice skating. Széchenyi Baths-we mention earlier was also located here. The front is the hero square, one of the UNESCO World Heritage site, some of the movie or MV even come to this place for shooting. At the back are Vajdahunyad Castle, if you do know about the architecture, you will get confused here. All the different style building has come from the different place in Hungary. In the beginning, all the building is made of cardboard and wood for the small exhibition here. But it getting popular during the time. Nowadays, here is the real building as you saw. (feel free to touch it, it solid now!)

Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle

Travel tips:
In the castle have one Anonymous statue, looks like Death, the difference is, he got the pen in his hand. Local told me, if you want to be a writer, go touch the pen.

6. Buda castle area

Upon the hill of Buda side, that’s the Buda castle. A bit further is fisherman’s bastion and Matthias church, all of it is Buda castle area. Plenty of ways you can easily get on the hill. 1. By NO.16 bus. funicular railway. 3.follow the path. 4.from castle garden takes the lift. Buda castle as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, very recommend to visit it. With some library, a museum in the area. Even you don’t want to spend to much time inside, just outside is free and you can get through from the yard and around. Then take a short walk you can reach the church and the fisherman’s bastion. From a far distance, you can see the special roof of the church. Delicate and pretty, super catchy. And the fisherman’s bastion also very meaningful. seven tower means 7 different Magyar tribes that settled in the Carpathian Basin in 895. For remember the Fisherman guard the wall here, they built this bastion. The bastion with two floors, any floor you can have a good view of the Danube river.

buda castle budapest

Buda Castle Budapest

Travel tips:
The upper floor of bastion need to buy a ticket, but after 8 pm, it is free. Even you come in the daytime, but lower floor its actually enough for having a nice view around.

7. Chillax on the biggest park – Margaret Island

In the city, the area has a lot of big or small squares. Whatever which kind of square, it’s not as comfortable as a park. Margaret Island is the biggest park and very functional. Every local like this island and would like to go there to enjoy the day with family or friends. In the middle of an island has a water tower, you can buy the ticket goes up the tower to watch the view from the top. There also an open-air theater next to the tower, having show time to time. You will find Japanese garden on the island, nice culture mix with western and eastern. The famous and can’t be missed part are the music fountain. Having music on the certain time, with the lights on the night, catch all the people’s eyes.

Margaret island

Margaret Island

Travel tips:
There is a music festival on the island every year in August, a lot of locals or tourist come for it. If you come to Budapest with this period, you can arrange a day, join the party with the people all around the world on the island.

8.Visit local special bar with locals

Hungarian also famous with the alcohol, for example, Tokaj or Egri Bikavér. But, asking locals, they will suggest you Palinka. One shot will make you feel warm, two shot you will be like Superman! Kidding! Locals like to drink, if you also, then you should try some. Its ok if you are only visiting Budapest, can’t go to a vineyard to have some wine tasting. There are a few ways you can try the Hungarian drink and having fun. Go to the bar! There is bar area – “Ruin bar” and “Szimplakert”. This is two places have few different bars together and with special decoration. You can go there for some live music, drink or the IG pictures! This is the nice place you shouldn’t be missed. Egészségedre!

Budapest Bar

Budapest Szimpla Bar

Travel tips:
Deak Ferenc square also is a nice place for hanging out with friends having few drinks. Especially you can go supermarket get some drink and sit around the square and relax, or sit in the bar, or even better, take your drink and dip your feet into the small pool in front the bar!

9. Taste different Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian are part of Europe, with the history and location, the cuisine they have it is actually mixed with western and eastern then become to now! They start getting used to using spice, and paprika. Locals will tell you to try Goulash. The soup with potatoes, carrots, beef and the paprika powder etc. For western, this might be a soup with beef. For eastern, it’s a beef soup with potatoes and different spice. An especially different chef might have a different receipt. Looks very normal but worth to try.

Veal stew with Hungarian noodle dumplings

Hungarian Stew

Travel tips:
Except for the “paprika powder”, they also use cottage cheese and poppy seeds a lot. Cottage cheese is very easy to use everywhere. The small dessert locals will suggest. Go supermarket and get “TúróRudi”! You won’t regret! It is the nice and cheap dessert you can get in Hungary!!

10. Close to nature- Buda hill

After all this city sightseeing, you might think to get away from it for a day? Don’t worry, not just park, there is nature part call “Buda hill” are still inside the Budapest. You can go there on city public transport. For example, a No.291 bus will take you to the end of the station, then you can follow the sign and trail up to the top. Or you can take the “Libegő” up to the hill. Once you arrive the top, you can keep walking up, there is a tower waiting for you have known as “Erzsébet kilátó”, get inside and take a staircase up, 360 panoramas of Budapest will be in front of you.

budapest tour

Budapest libegő

Travel tips:
Former name of the forest children railway is “Pioneer Railway”. Except for the driver, other parts are operated by children under adult supervision. When you around this area, also can go have a ride with this train, the view on the way might just as usual, but you can see all little people working hard on the train. Will make you unforgettable.
Now, 10 of the must do or see in Budapest when you traveling to here. If you like it, don’t be hesitated, put in your pocket list and keep it well. When you come to Budapest, you can follow it to arrange into your schedule, deep traveling around Budapest and fall in love with this city and make your trip remarkable!