Top 10 places where to celebrate New Years Eve in Budapest

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Top 10 places where to celebrate New Years Eve in Budapest

Budapest is a fabulous city with all his historical buildings and modern parties giving a fantastic mixture of different style. Celebrating new years eve is like hitting jackpot even you are interested in gala evenings, family-friendly activities or club parties. Here are some ideas, a few programs to show how to spend the days before and after new years eve.

Pre-New Year’s Eve parties

Pre-New Year’s Eve parties

Everyone knows, that spontaneous parties are the best and how else to prove it than visiting the city on 30 December 2018 and jumping into a random party to have an early start of the new year welcoming celebration. Or join a Budapest Pub Crawl and visit all the famous places of Budapest worth to have a drink.

100-Member Gypsy Orchestra

100-Member Gypsy Orchestra
Absolute Hungaricum in the Budapest Congress and Wolrd Trade Center. If you are interested in Hungarian gypsy culture or are open for a unique musical experience, do not hesitate to buy the ticket and have a monumental pre-new years eve concert by the worldwide famous Gypsy Philharmonic Orchestra.

Budapest thermal bath’s

Well known, that Budapest is the capital of thermal water and one of the most famous thermal bath is the Szechenyi Thermal Bath which is open on the morning of New Year’s eve as well till 10 p.m. Good preparation to start a day in a wellness center before starting the night in a Gala party. There are plenty of pre-new years eve parties in different thermal baths of Budapest. Worth to try all of them while enjoying the holidays.

Morning program with Tchaikovsky

You are full of energy and want to take advantage of the whole day? The Nutcracker is a classical, two-act ballet by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky that is performed primarily during the Christmas period till New Years Eve’s morning.

Street parties

While looking for great Budapest programs it is really easy to find the perfect atmosphere to welcome the new year on Budapest’s streets, cause the people are very welcoming, based on the famous Hungarian hospitality, just stay close to the bigger squares like for example Oktogon, Vörösmarty Square and Nyugati square.

Firework displayed above the Danube.

Watch the monumental firework at new years eve from the best outdoor places of Budapest. Just like along the Danube Promenade where you find plenty of restaurants or at least mulled wine on the walkaway. Climb up to Gellért Hill and get the best panoramic view of Budapest with your beloved one or best friends.

Musical Party

The Budapest Marriott Hotel organizes a show with Latin music, well-known hits all over the world and of course musical songs for the Gala dinner with unlimited consumption of alcohol in the glass-walled ballroom with a great view to the Buda Castle.

New Year’s River Cruise 

new years eve budapest
New Years Eve party while floating on the Danube river with live music and great dinner? Why not welcome 2019 on a dinner cruise while watching the amazing view of Buda and Pest side!

The first day of the year

One of the most famous way to start the first day of the new year is to visit the yearly concert of Zoltán Mága which takes place this year in the Papp László Budapest Sportarena.

Budapest Klezmer Band

If you are interested in concerts of the first day of the year, but less classical music, than the Mazel Tov concert is the perfect choice with the hilarious. Inspiring atmosphere and good vibes of klezmer musical and klezmer ballet.