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buda castle autumn
If your travel destination is Budapest, you better visit us in the summer or during the Christmas holiday. Later I will explain why I am advising this to you. But first of all let me introduce you to our amazing city. It is the capital of Hungary, the majority of the people from the country
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Be enchanted by the magical Hungarian atmosphere   All year long, Europe is amazing. This is the place where the continental climate exists and the cold and chilly winters are characteristic. Budapest, as the capital city of Hungary, is a favored cosmopolitan, both by foreign visitors and locals. It is famous for its stunning landmarks,
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One of the greatest national holiday of Hungary If you visit Hungary, no matter which season you come, there are always many interesting programs to visit since there are plenty of national holiday that are celebrated in Hungary. The summer months are always more exciting, you can spend more time outdoors. Plenty of festivals and waterfront
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National holidays are an important part of the Hungarian culture HUNGARY is not just famous for its widely-known, delicious Hungarian cuisine, but for its hospitality and great celebration atmosphere on holidays. What are the most remarkable public holidays in Hungary? Let’s look at them in details. New Year’s Day – 1st January Holidays to Hungary?
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What brings good or bad luck in the Hungarian culture It is a generally accepted fact today that all countries have their own traditions, habits, and superstitions. These believes typically have a colourful history, which is strongly connected to a given event that dates back centuries. It is widespread that superstitions can be legends, myths
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Easter, a national holiday seasoned with Hungarian folklore What do they celebrate on Easter? Easter in Budapest is the greatest celebration of the Christian world in memory of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Jesus. Since this date varies from year to year, Easter is called the moving holiday: 40 days before the feast, in
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Top 10 buildings in Budapest
The best time of the year to visit Budapest Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a very popular tourist destination. The city in the heart of Europe attracts more and more tourists every year regardless of the season. Budapest weather The climate of the city is continental with cold winters and warm summers so everybody
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Liberty Statue Budapest
Where to stay in Budapest? The Hungarian capital city’s size is huge compared with the country’s size. Budapest was born in the 19th century from three main regions, and it was divided into 10 districts. Nowadays there are 23 districts which are like little individual towns. We can say that they have their own character!
Sightseeing Cruise on Women’s Day Mothers, sisters, wives, fiancées, girlfriends…. No doubt that women play an enormous role in our everyday life. The mother who gave us our lives and taking care after us throughout her life, the sister with whom we are growing up together, the wives who are taking care after the whole
How much is a beer in Budapest? Although Hungary is typically famous for its wine, beer-lovers will also enjoy their stay in Budapest as currently there is a craft beer revolution throughout the country, which means besides the well-known and mass-produced beers you can taste special flavored ones, produced by some microbreweries across the country.