Top 5 things to do in Budapest in December

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Top 5 things to do in Budapest in December

1. December cruises on the Danube river

From November, the atmosphere in the air was all thankful. To December, all around us are the gingerbread and the romantic feeling, even Christmas is at the end of the month.  When you come to this twin city-Budapest, even it super freezing winter, but doesn’t mean you can miss out on this amazing December cruises. With this low temperature, December cruises still turn on the engine to the superpower mode, waiting for you on the river.  Budapest dinner cruise is certainly one of your best choice, the Starry Night with the city lights, what else you are looking for? Even not with your lover, but family or friends, a remarkable memory will keep from now.

2. Finding Christmas tree

December, the holiday month. The businessman might start busy since the end of November. What can we say? Business and the money is important! The most things can catch our eyes is coming event- Christmas. No matter the size of square in Budapest, they all start decorated or set the booths around for the Christmas market, make us can feel this joyful month. Christmas is the important thing for the western people, all the family will be gathering to celebrate. If you are in Budapest at December, why not start a finding Nemo trip? Oh…wait, is finding Christmas tree trip. Every Streets and alleys, the tourist sightseeing spot, even on the December cruises on the Danube river, will be a good location for you to looking for!

3. Take a Thermal Bath in Budapest

If you ask me to use one word to describe Europe for December- freezing. Budapest is the city with the nickname “city of the bath”. Now, you sure you still don’t know what to do in Budapest? Due to the capital’s geographical position, there are over 120 hot springs in the city. These springs produce 70 million liters of thermal water every day, with temperatures almost up to 58 Celsius. Hungary uses all this source very well, built a lot of different Thermal Bath in Budapest. Hungarian also get used to it, they like a dip in the Thermal Bath all the time, they even playing chess while the bathing. If in this weather, you don’t want to take any December cruises on the Danube river with freezing air, then come to take a bath with local people and playing chess together!

4. Ice skating on the lake

Do you know why the Canadian can play hockey or ice skating very well? Because the nature. In Budapest, also have a good resort you can practice or have fun with Ice skating. Spot the lake located in city park, get freezing in the winter. Someone will take care and protect it then open for public to have good time around. The lake is quite big, no matter you are the beginner or the professional, you are all very welcome!

5. Enjoy the Opera

Watching opera is one of your good choice if you only want to stay inside. Opera is famous in Europe, it also a quite expenses if you want to watching opera when you travel. In Budapest they have a very elegant opera house that you can go visit or enjoy the show inside. If you don’t have time, you can simply get the visit ticket with mini-concert, around 10mins small concert already can let you never forget. Or go with Budapest dinner cruise also will be one of the substitute for you to enjoy the opera. Few of the December cruises company are with the traditional Hungarian dance and the opera show on the cruise, you can enjoy your meal, the view of Danube river and the real Hungarian opera on the Budapest dinner cruise.