What to do with 3 days in Budapest

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What to do with 3 days in Budapest

The ideal 3 days in Budapest

Budapest is an interesting and busy town which cannot be completely discovered in a few days. However, during 3 days in Budapest it can show its several faces.
3 days in budapest

The ideal three days in Budapest

First of all, sightseeing is a must-have program!In the Hungarian, there are several imposing historical buildings in Budapest which are worth visiting. In the Castle District, you can find the most representative ones such as the Buda Castle which oldest parts are from the medieval ages. Of course, it’s worth visiting for itself but it also offers interesting exhibitions about the history of the nation and the city. There are three further important institutes in the castle: the National Széchenyi Library, the Hungarian National Gallery, and the Budapest Historical Museum. In the Castle District, we also recommend the Fisherman’s Bastion which was made by Frigyes Schulek for the millennial celebrations of the Hungarian Conquest.
Several buildings near the bank of the River Danube were built in the 19th century, for example, the Budapest Parliament. It was designed by Imre Steindl in Neo-gothic style but some of its elements were made in Classicists, Baroque or even Renaissance style. Churches are also famous: probably Saint Stephan and the Mathias Churches are the best-known of them.
Visiting museums is also a common Budapest attraction. If you have time for only one item, visit the Museum of Fine Arts where you can adore famous works of Raffaello, Leonardo, Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya, or Monet. Besides the foreign masters, masterpieces of some talented Hungarian artists are also exhibited there.
The National Theatre provides high-quality performances, and if you like concerts, check the program of Mathias Church or the St Stephen Basilica.

What about children?

There is a huge zoo in the Hungarian capital which will surely enthrall children. Another common site is the Palace of Miracles. It is a kind of scientific exhibitions which teaches physics in an interactive way. Both programs are enjoyable for adults, too.

Restaurants of Budapest in 3 days

You can find all kinds of places. Of course, there are cheap cafeterias or fast food restaurants, but if you can spend enough money on them, it’s worth trying some of the fancy ruin bars or elegant restaurants.

Active ways of rest

If weather in Budapest is good, you should make a trip the next day. There are several suitable places; probably Margaret Island and Gellért Hillare the most popular sites. Only some parts of the Gellért Hillserve the original nature but they are amazing. If you are lucky, you can discover rare birds (especially at the time of the annual migration of them) or the Silene flavescens which is a yellowish carnation and it can found in the whole country only on this hill. Both places have cultural values, too. On the top of the Gellért Hill, you can visit the Citadel which is the part of the World Heritage; and on the Margaret Island, there are the ruins of a medieval Dominican monastery. If you like extreme ways of tours, book a segway tour and discover the island on this funny machine.
three days in budapest
After an interesting but maybe tiring trip, you can relax in one of the 11 thermal baths of the city.

A magnificent evening on the waves

The Hungarian capital city is separated into two parts by the River Danube which is the second longest river of Europe. What can be more memorable at the end of your holiday than a pleasant cruise on the waves of the River Danube? Budapest dinner cruise offers a unique experience which alloys multiple programs. While you adore the marvelous panorama of the capital city, you can also enjoy spectacle dance or music performances and a delicious four-course meal. You can rent boats even daytime but a Danube dinner or a sightseeing cruise in the evening when you can see the night lights of Budapest is a much better experience. If you are interested in Hungarian culture, don’t miss our dinner cruise with folklore and operetta show. However, the live piano battle show is also a popular choice. During this latter one program, two talented musicians struggle for the mercy of a beautiful woman. Besides the instrumental music, a vocalist helps you understand the story.