Where to stay in Budapest?

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Liberty Statue Budapest

Where to stay in Budapest?

The Hungarian capital city’s size is huge compared with the country’s size. Budapest was born in the 19th century from three main regions, and it was divided into 10 districts. Nowadays there are 23 districts which are like little individual towns. We can say that they have their own character!
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Best areas to stay in Budapest

The best ones are districts V and I. The district I is the Castle District, where you can see the Buda Castle on the Castle Hill or the Gellért Mountain. If you love history and museums, do not miss this region! Traditionally, we call the district V the inner city. It is an elegant and exclusive area. For instance, Váci Street, which is the most famous pedestrian precinct of the country, is also found here. You can here actually not only walk but you can go shopping in exclusive boutiques and other shops. Most of the hotels are quite expensive in this area, but they are elegant and offer lots of services. If you organize an important event and are seeking for a good location, or just want to relax and enjoy luxury, choose them! So the price is the most disadvantaged, but there are lots of sights and the region is elegant. In these districts, people reach to work within an average of half an hour, so the traffic is really good.
Are these regions too far for you? It doesn’t matter, because we can recommend also the districts VI, VII, IX and XII. They are also quite popular.

Nightlife in Budapest

Are you interested in nightlife? Would you like to enjoy a fancy concert or party? If you would, it is worth seeking in the districts V and VII, but sometimes there are good events also in Buda. If you want to stay in these regions, pay attention to the clubs and temporary outdoor programs near your accommodation. Nightlife in Budapest can be really loud! Do you prefer exclusive and unique places? Then book a special night cruise on the River Danube during which you can enjoy music, fine dining, and adore the wonderful buildings on the banks of the river.
As district V is the inner city, it is not too surprising that the best restaurants can be found there. However, you can find real treasures in other regions, too. For example, if you are interested in fine dining, you must visit the district IX, where you can find the first Hungarian restaurant which has won a Michelin star.
The group of the districts mentioned above is the best place to stay in Budapest. In contrast, district VIII is the poorest and most dangerous part of the capital city. It is true that this region is not really safe but at least cheap. Although its bad fame, nowadays it started to develop.

Where to stay in Budapest?

Hotels and hostels are the most popular accommodations. Hotels are more expensive, but they often provide full-service with meals, room service, wifi, or wellness facilities. If you come for an important meeting or conference, or if you want to relax and forget all of your problems, it is worth choosing this kind of accommodation. Hostels are cheaper, but naturally, you receive less for your money. If you want to visit lots of sights and museums, it is a good idea to stay in hostels – they are cheap so you can spend more money on programs. However, especially among youngsters, a relatively new trend is spreading. This is Airb&n. If you choose this facility, you will stay in a private flat or house, and the owner may also live there with you. It is cheaper than a traditional accommodation, and you can get lots of pieces of advice related to traffic, sights, or programs from the owner. If you travel alone and you are not too experienced traveler, we recommend this version. If you are lucky, you may get a local friend! You can think that staying with a stranger is not too safe. It may be frightening thought at first, but every owner must have a detailed profile, and there you can ask information from common friends, too. So don’t be afraid!