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Why should you try a dinner cruise in Budapest?
Why should you try a dinner cruise in Budapest? Dinner cruises are always special occasions which you spend with your nearest and dearest, in a super elegant dress or suit in an enchanting atmosphere created around you. If you are staying in the heart of Europe, do not miss to try a Danube river cruise.
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From Vienna to Budapest by boat The Danube is the pearl of European river shipping. The ships are usually departing from Passau (Germany), traveling to Budapest (Hungary) or to the Danube Delta (Black Sea) in Romania. There are many variations with different ports and durations of 4-16 days. But if you don’t have time for
Sightseeing Cruise on Women’s Day Mothers, sisters, wives, fiancées, girlfriends…. No doubt that women play an enormous role in our everyday life. The mother who gave us our lives and taking care after us throughout her life, the sister with whom we are growing up together, the wives who are taking care after the whole
How much is a beer in Budapest? Although Hungary is typically famous for its wine, beer-lovers will also enjoy their stay in Budapest as currently there is a craft beer revolution throughout the country, which means besides the well-known and mass-produced beers you can taste special flavored ones, produced by some microbreweries across the country.