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Hungary has long been a popular destination for foreign productions. Budapest has hosted a great number of international film productions, and scenes from several films have been shot here. Costs are relatively low in Hungary; wages are much lower than in any Western European country. On the other hand, Budapest is a beautiful city and
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Nowadays it is hard to imagine, but there was a time in Budapest when we could not go home after a fussy Friday or Saturday night from bar or a club without smelling smoke. Before 2012 in Budapest you could smoke in bars, public stations and almost everywhere. But since the 1st of January 2012
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stay in budapest
Among visitors to Budapest we distinguish 2 groups, short term and long term travelers. Short term visitors come for holiday or business. Long term visitors come to live here for months or even years. Short term travelers usually spend 2-3 days on average in Budapest. Choosing the right accommodation depends on your budget, the partner
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What is hungarikum?
It is worth to know what is Hungarikum if you plan a Budapest holiday Collections of hungarikums Hungary has several values and many of them received the title of hungarikum. Hungarikums are the greatest values of the country and characteristic for the Hungarian culture. They are from multiple fields such as health & lifestyle (e.g.