The 15 best things to do in Budapest

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The 15 best things to do in Budapest

15 things to do in Budapest

Budapest Parliament

1. The building of the Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian parliament building is the third greatest parliament building of in the whole world – and one of the most wonderful works of the Hungarian architect in the 19th century. It was designed by Imre Steindl who alloyed the most characteristic features of Classicism, Baroque, and Renaissance styles.

2. City Park

It has some really special plants and trees such as taxodiums (a kind of cypress) among which the oldest one might be from 1846. Besides the beautiful flora, you can find here cultural institutions such as the Museum of Fine Art, the Hall of Art, or the Capital Circus. Lots of Hungarians and foreigners love the lake in the park which functions as an ice rink in winter.

3. Museum of Applied Arts

In its own genre, it’s one of the most significant museums in Europe. The glass and ceramics made in Art Nouveau or the collection of Turkish&Islam carpets are state-of-the-art. You can also see the only noble treasury (Esterházy) which has remained from medieval Hungary.

4. Budapest Eye

There are lots of fun things to do in Budapest. If you don’t afraid of adoring the city from a 65 m height, choose the Budapest Eye! It’s a big wheel on the Erzsébet square which offers an excellent view to the Danube, the Castle, or many churches. A ticket allows 3 rounds.

5. Vajdahunyad castle

Originally, Vajdahunyad was the residence of a famous Hungarian family called Hunyadi. However, for the celebrations of the Hungarian Conquest, its copy was built in City Park. Designers dedicated it to a temporary creation so it was first built from wood but it became so beloved that it was rebuilt from permanent materials between 1904 and 1908. It can be found on an island and you can reach it via four bridges.

6. Heroes’ square

This is the most spacious and most imposing square in the Hungarian capital city. Moreover, it’s part of the World Heritage. Probably the best-known item is the Millennial Monument which contains the statues of the chiefs of Hungarian tribes who performed the Conquest. Other statues on Hero’s square portray great kings and other famous persons of Hungarian history, and there are also some symbolic ones such as Work& Prosperity or Knowledge& Glory.
Best things to do in Budapest

7. Széchenyi Bath

According to a survey made in 2018, this bath receives the most visitors. Besides the medical benefits of thermal water, the historical building itself of Széchenyi Bath is marvelous. It was created in neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque styles. Among other sights, the fountain designed by József Róna is worth seeing. It portrays a centaur.

8. Costes Restaurant

Do you prefer famous and popular restaurants? If so, we recommend the Costes. It’s the first restaurant in the country which received a Michelin-star. It provides not only high-quality food but guest also can enjoy the open-view kitchen.

9. Gellért Hill

It’s an ideal place for a trip due to its many cultural and natural values. We recommend visiting the Citadella and the Liberty Statue on Gellért Hill which is one of the best-known symbols of Budapest. This statue portrays a woman who is carrying a palm branch. Considering its natural treasures, the hill became the part of the Duna-Ipoly National Park in 1997. The hornbeams, oaks, acacias, and rowanberries provide perfect resting places. If you’re lucky, you can also see the Silene flavcescens which is a kind of carnation and can be found only here in the whole country.

10. ‘Libegő’

From 1970, visitors can travel to the János Hill from Zugliget on a sky tram which is called ‘Libegő’. It’s not a long trip, only 12 minutes, but the view is marvelous. Either you travel up or down, the city shows its other face.

11. St Matthias Church

This church has a great history: it was first opened in the 13th or 14th century, and it’s a wonderful example of the Gothic style. Nowadays, besides its sacral role, also gives a site to concerts. So if you like classical music, try to book a ticket for it in St. Matthias Church! The imposing environment will enhance the experience.

12. Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

Here you can see animals both from Central Europe and far countries. The most unique species are the Komodo dragon and the wombat. Don’t forget that the collection of trees and other plants are also excellent.

13. Széchenyi Chain Bridge

This is the first permanent bridge in Budapest over the River Danube. Its building was initiated by a great Hungarian count called István Széchenyi (This is why Szécheny Chain Bridge) and was opened in 1849. Adam and William Tierney Clark had a great role in the design and engineering works.

14. Polaris Observatory

If weather allows things to do in Budapest, you can examine the sky through a telescope while the staff of the institution tells you about both the scientific data and the legends related to the constellations and planets.

15. River Danube

Despite the title of the famous masterpiece of Johann Strauss, its color isn’t blue. However, the Danube is beautiful, especially if you enjoy the view of the city from the board of a luxurious catamaran. If Budapest weather good enough, take part in a Danube River cruise, and you absolutely won’t be upset! During the trip, you also can watch spectacle dance or music performances as we offer an operetta and folklore show or a piano battle show on our dinner cruises.