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Hungarian Dobos cake
The real Hungarian Dobos cake that conquered the world If you should enumerate some characteristic dishes from Hungarian cuisine, probably you will mention some spicy food with lots of paprika such as fish soup, goulash, or chicken paprikash. Although Hungarian desserts are not so famous as some main courses, they are truly delicious, so it is
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The big picture of wine in Hungarian
Beginner guide to the Hungarian wine In Hungary, there are 22 wine regions which all have special geographical, climatic and pedological features. Consequently, the palettes of Hungarian wines are also various and the country has some unique species of grapes, too. The products of the ‘closed’ wine regions receive special protection. There’s one region like
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Paprika, a symbol of Hungary
If you start to cook a Hungarian food, even you don’t know yet what to cook, buy onion and paprika and you will be fine If you think of the Hungarian cuisine, you will surely think of something which is seasoned with paprika. It appeared in Hungary in the 16th century and fast superseded the
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Hungarian langos
The never boring, traditional Hungarian streetfood – LÁNGOS Hungarian Lángos? Street food? It’s a misbelief that street food does not exist in Hungary. There is even a wide variety of old traditional and well-known international food, especially in Budapest as a melting pot of European nationalities. About its history The name “lángos” comes from the Hungarian
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Budapest ruin bars, a Hungarian speciality What does the word mean exactly? A ruin bar is a pub which is located in an old building which seems to be ruined. The interior is deliberately dilapidated – chairs, armchairs, photos, or other items of the ’60-s and ’70-s are often used. Flash, colorful, and modern paintings
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Everything you should know about the Hungarian cuisine Piroska Paprika Pörkölt They are the most well-known features of the Hungarian cuisine and culture among foreigners. But what is the real secret behind its fame and popularity? Let’s examine the Hungarian culture a bit deeper. First and foremost, Hungarian cuisine has influenced the Hungarian history, and
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The Hungarian goulash soup What is goulash? It is a kind of stew which contains meat and vegetables, and sometimes some potatoes can also be added to it and is seasoned with paprikaand other spices. We can find also goulash soup in menus, but it is a real soup, so it is a different kind
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Tokaji, the most famous Hungarian wine A little bit geography Good wines are essential items of the Hungarian cuisine. The country has 22 wine regions, and the region called Tokaj-Hegyalja may be the most famous of them. It is in the northern, north-western part of the country which is protected by the Carpathian Mountains. Due