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Sunset times in November, a romantic, quiet month to organise evening programs Most people do not really like November. The last month of the autumn is ropy and rainy when days are misty and short. So you need some good programs to cheer up the long dark evenings! In this part of the year, many
Wednesday, 08 May 2019 / Published in Holidays in Hungary
One of the greatest national holiday of Hungary If you visit Hungary, no matter which season you come, there are always many interesting programs to visit since there are plenty of national holiday that are celebrated in Hungary. The summer months are always more exciting, you can spend more time outdoors. Plenty of festivals and waterfront
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Sunset times in October in Budapest, be prepared for your holiday! We usually consider spring the most colorful time of the year because of blooming. However, autumn also can offer several colors. Think about the thousand shades of red, yellow and brown of the leaves! If you would like to enjoy nature but do not
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St Matthias Church
A historical building along the Danube River This representative Roman Catholic church is located on the Holy Trinity Square which is in the 1. district. This region of the Hungarian capital city is also known as Buda Castle District where several historical buildings can be found. For example, the Fisherman’s Bastion which is very near
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Is summer over? We know well that coming back to work or school may not be too pleasant after the holiday, and at this time of the year, motivating ourselves might seem to be also harder. At the end of the workday, do you just sit down in front of the TV? Let us say
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Exact sunset times in Budapest for each month of 2019 It is August, and the end of the summer is coming very fast. Your summer holiday may be over, and children must go to school soon… But you still have some relaxing days and let’s enjoy them! We give some ideas about how to do.
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Chimney Cake, the queen of traditional Hungarian markets If you have ever been to a Budapest Christmas fair while visiting Hungary, you’ll surely never forget the appetizing smell of the mulled wine or the Chimney Cake (Kürtőskalács). Mulled wine is the symbol only of the winter fairs but the special cake can be bought during
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The most important fact You should know about the Budapest Gellért Hill Gellért Hill is a real jewel of Budapest. It has several cultural and natural values and its part of the Hungarian history is quite interesting, too. The hill is 235 m high, and it is located beside the River Danube; actually, its eastern
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Tokaji, the most famous Hungarian wine A little bit geography Good wines are essential items of the Hungarian cuisine. The country has 22 wine regions, and the region called Tokaj-Hegyalja may be the most famous of them. It is in the northern, north-western part of the country which is protected by the Carpathian Mountains. Due
The House of Terror Budapest As the other nation’s past, Hungarian history has also brighter and darker periods. The house of terror shows one of the darkest ones. The building is in the Andrássy út under the 60th number. At the end of the second world war, the members of the Arrow Cross party (Hungarian