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Exact sunset times in Budapest for each month of 2019 It is August, and the end of the summer is coming very fast. Your summer holiday may be over, and children must go to school soon… But you still have some relaxing days and let’s enjoy them! We give some ideas about how to do.
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The most important fact You should know about the Budapest Gellért Hill Gellért Hill is a real jewel of Budapest. It has several cultural and natural values and its part of the Hungarian history is quite interesting, too. The hill is 235 m high, and it is located beside the River Danube; actually, its eastern
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Budapest ruin bars, a Hungarian speciality What does the word mean exactly? A ruin bar is a pub which is located in an old building which seems to be ruined. The interior is deliberately dilapidated – chairs, armchairs, photos, or other items of the ’60-s and ’70-s are often used. Flash, colorful, and modern paintings
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The Hungarian goulash soup What is goulash? It is a kind of stew which contains meat and vegetables, and sometimes some potatoes can also be added to it and is seasoned with paprikaand other spices. We can find also goulash soup in menus, but it is a real soup, so it is a different kind
The House of Terror Budapest As the other nation’s past, Hungarian history has also brighter and darker periods. The house of terror shows one of the darkest ones. The building is in the Andrássy út under the 60th number. At the end of the second world war, the members of the Arrow Cross party (Hungarian
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10 things to do on a family vacation in Budapest We were already talking about Programmes with children before, but they were for the little ones, now we will mention programmes if your children reached the age to show interest for their environment, for the whole world. Capital circus Budapest The Circus of Budapest is
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Budapest Sunset Times 2019 Sunset: marvelous lights, which are changing from second to second. The performance of the million shades of red, gold, violet, and blue will be an unforgettable memory. The hour at the border of the daytime and the night is a beautiful and a little bit mystic period of the day. That’s
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5 of the best attraction to spend time in Budapest with your family Are you interested in visiting Hungary with your family but don’t know what Budapest programmes to attend with the children? Don’t worry, Budapest at least as interesting for all the generations of the family. As it is easy to find plenty of
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Budapest with many nicknames. How do we know Budapest? Because of the river and the street we call it “Paris of the East“. Danube river cut through the city so this is why we say “Pearl of the Danube”. Many centuries ago Hungary was under control by the Roman Empire and they bring a special culture
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Maybe all of you hear about Hungary, but, where is it? This Is not the test from school, so, it ok you say “I DON’T KNOW”.  the only one thing you need to know about Hungary- the drink is cheaper than water! Still, don’t know what’s that mean? It’s a hint for you, come to